How to Play Multiplayer on a Meta Quest 2

In this content, I would be giving you details on how to play multiplayer on a Meta (oculus) quest 2. When it comes to playing multiplayer games on Meta Quest 2, there are two main ways to do it.

How to Play Multiplayer on a Meta Quest 2

The easiest way is for you to start up any game that offers support for multiplayer and has a matchmaking feature and then start the Multiplayer. Let’s say you launch Horizon Worlds, Rec Room, VR chat, and many others, and you jump right into a co-op or a competitive game with people you do not know.

If playing with your friends is what you prefer, Your Quest 2 lets you party with up to about seven of your friends at a time to chat, hang out, and play games. Your Quests need to get updated in other to access this feature, so make sure that you check for updates before you try. Also, you need to be in possession of an internet connection, so make sure that your quest is connected to Wi-Fi and that there is not much interference.

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How to Play Multiplayer on a Meta Quest 2

Below, I have outlined the steps involved in how to play multiplayer games with friends on a meta-Quest 2. The steps include:

  • First, push on the “oculus” button in the right controller to open your universal menu
  • Then select “people”
  • Take your cursor over to “Friend’s card”
  • Then select “party”
  • Once your friend is at the party, select “Choose App”
  • Then locate the “Watch or Play with your party” section, and then select a game or app to play together

Once you have done all that, the game would launch, and your friends would join you in your game.

How to Search for People you Played with on Quest 2

Tons of Quest 2 games would allow you to play with strangers. If you had a great time, and you want to invite them to your party to keep playing, or if you would like to follow them so you can play together in the future, then to do this you would need to access the recently met section of your social media menu. With all that stated, follow the steps highlighted below to locate people you played with on Quest 2:

  • First, launch the menu, and then select recently met
  • Move your cursor over the person’s card.
  • The select follow
  • With this, the person would pop up in your follow list and would be given the opportunity to follow you back.

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How to Manage your Party

Once you are at a party, you can decide to block people if they are causing you trouble, mute yourself, switch from party to app chat, and more. Here’s is how to manage your quest 2 party:

  • First, press the “Oculus” button that is on your controller to launch the universal menu. If you are having a party, you would see the party at the bottom of the menu.
  • If you want to leave the party, select the red phone icon
  • If you want to mute yourself, select the microphone icon
  • Then tap on the switch to app chat, then select the “App” icon
  • After that, select the “green Phone” button in other to manage your party
  • If you want to manage your party members, select the menu icon on their card
  • “View Profile” would allow you to see the person’s profile, while “block” and “Report” are useful if the person is causing Problems.
  • Click on the “gear icon” in other for you to manage who can take part in the party.
  • If you are interested in opening up the party to all your friends, select the toggle icon and select done.

How to invite Friends for a Multiplayer Game

If your friends are not entirely online, or you are trying to set up a virtual reality (VR) gaming session and you are not yet in VR you can choose to create invite links via the meta-App that you used originally. Anyone can make use of the link to join your VR party, so, only share the link with people that you would like to play a game. The steps are highlighted below:

  • Tap on the “menu” icon in the Oculus App
  • Then tap on the “invite Links”
  • Tap on “create an invite link”
  • Click on “Select an App”
  • You On the next page, “Select Multiplayer app” i.e. VR chat.
  • If prompted, tap “Destination”
  • Tap “create link”
  • Then select a sharing method, or you can choose to tap on “copy” and then send the link to your friends via whatever method you prefer.

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Can Two People Use the Quest 2 at the Same Time?

It is quite possible for two different people to simultaneously share a Quest 2 due to the physical constraints of it being a single headset. However, multiple users can take turns sharing quest 2 using different profiles, and app sharing between profiles is supported.

What Multiplayer Game Does the Quest 2 Support?

You would see a list of multiplayer games on quest 2 by just searching for “multiplayer” on the oculus website.

Can I Jailbreak my Oculus Quest?

No, but it is quite possible for you to sideload apps on your Quest or Quest 2. Making use of the oculus app on your computer, head to “Settings” > “General” and then turn on unknown sources. Then, enable developer mode and install Sidequest on your PC to transfer the Custom file on your Quest.

Does the Meta Quest 2 Come with Games?

Yes, quest 2 comes with a few games preinstalled, but these are mostly just tech demos, so, you would most likely want to commence downloading more games immediately.

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