Get this Amazing Cyber Monday Deal on Gabby’s Dollhouse

Get this amazing Cyber Monday deal on Gabby’s Dollhouse, one that is cat-inspired. Are you a cat lover, or do you just want to get something purr-fect for your kids? If this is the case, then know that this two-foot-tall dollhouse looks very much like the one from the Netflix show and you can get it now for a discount.

Cyber Monday Deal on Gabby’s Dollhouse

Cyber Monday Deal on Gabby’s Dollhouse

It is no secret that cats rule in my house, and they are the stars of Gabby’s Dollhouse, which is Netflix’s live-action/animated interactive show for preschoolers. Well, if you don’t know, you should ask the little ones that are in your life to better school you on the plot, but essentially, human Gabby in case you don’t know puts on her cat headband and she as well as her stuffed pal Pandy Paws shrink down and go for adventures in a cat-centric dollhouse.

And the toy version of Gabby’s Dollhouse in question is now part of a Cyber Monday deal, reportedly taking the price down 8% from the usual $49 to $45. And no, that is not that if a big savings, but it is however the lowest price in 30 days, per Amazon. Consider this here less of a deal, and more of a good price that is on a solid gift for the kids.

Gabby’s Dollhouse in question reminds me of the Barbie Dreamhouse that my cousin once had, but I could just only pine for it from afar. Only better, simply because that it is so cat-themed, even right down to the cute ears on the roof.

How the Product Measures With the One in The Netflix’s Show

Fans of the show will definitely recognize the dollhouse, as it is mostly made to match the one that was on the program. The house in question is over two feet tall, and it sports four floors, seven different colorful rooms, and a Cat-A-Vator elevator that reportedly goes to each floor. The backdrops on the other hand feature hidden surprises from the show. There is Gabby Girl as well as Pandy Paws figures and furniture and other accessories.

You will however need 3 AAA batteries (which is of course not included) so that a button located in front of the dollhouse will play music, sounds as well as phrases from the show, and this is inclusive of the theme song.

How Long Will This Offer Last

Of course, the deal as you should know is limited, but it will make for a furever funhouse for the cat-loving kid that is in your life.



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