Eminem Is Reportedly Coming to Fortnite’s The Big Bang Event

Eminem is reportedly coming to Fortnite’s The Big Bang event. That said, Eminem will be making an appearance during the chapter 4 finale of Fortnite, and with that players can now buy skins to match.

Eminem Fortnite’s The Big Bang Event

Eminem Fortnite’s The Big Bang Event

The leaks and rumors were true as Eminem is reportedly coming to Fortnite as part of the Chapter 4 finale of the game. Epic Games has just confirmed that Eminem will appear during the live finale, while players in question will get to buy a couple of different skins that are modeled after the rapper.

Fortnite’s finale event, dubbed The Big Bang, will kick off on December 2nd at 2 PM ET. In an updated page on the website of Fortnite, developers revealed that you can “watch Eminem… as Eminem” during the event, which is set to mark the end of the Fortnite OG chapter that reportedly brought the game back to its roots. Fortnite as you should know is calling this event a “new beginning” for the game, thus potentially hinting at a new island.

Fortnite to Release Three Skins

Meanwhile, Fortnite on the other hand is reportedly releasing three skins which are the Rap Boy, Slim Shady, and Marshall Never More, that players can buy from the item shop beginning November 29th at 7 PM ET. Just by attending the event in question, players can effectively unlock The Big Bang loading screen as well as the Marshall Magma Style for the Marshall Never More outfit, reportedly giving Eminem glowing eyes as well as fiery skin.

The Expectations of the Latest Collaboration with Eminem

This latest collaboration in question sounds a whole lot like the performance Travis Scott reportedly held in Fortnite back in 2020, which over 12 million people attended. The appearance of Eminem might just get to attract even more viewers, though, given the popularity of Fortnite OG.



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