EVE Online Player Reportedly Steals Several Trillion ISK Worth of Assets

EVE Online player reportedly steals several trillion ISK worth of assets as the platform seems rocked to the core with the incident. With this new development, everything and even the kitchen stinks.

EVE Online Player Steals Several Trillion ISK

EVE Online Player Steals Several Trillion ISK

The well-known multiplayer sci-fi sandbox game EVE Online has just seen one of the biggest heists in its two-decade time and history.

A well-respected and now former Fleet Commander of the ‘Goonswarm’ alliance, who reportedly goes by the name of Jay Amazingness, has just betrayed friends as well as allies whom he has known for 10 years in a bid to rob the alliance blind.

It is reported (via Reddit) that Jay Amazingness has effectively managed to destroy 52,670 clones as well as a ton host of trillion ISK (Interstellar Kredit) worth of assets, thus meaning that we may just be looking at the biggest-ever loss of ISK for just one alliance ever in EVE Online.

What the Leader of the Goonswarm Has To Say About The Incident

The leader of the Goonswarm, a player-made alliance of corporations, Asher Elias, has since then come forward to comment on the betrayal of Jay Amazingness. “It appears Jay Amazingness has gone f**kgoons and stolen stuff on his way out,” Elias in a Reddit post stated. “I’ve known Jay for a decade; I consider him a good friend. He recently came back to EVE, and I gave him director roles because I trust him; I would say that he’s the person I trust the most in EVE. I don’t know why it’s happened.

“There is a small chance he was hacked, which I’m holding onto, but more likely, he just decided to do this. I hope he’s ok. If he wanted to make his mark on EVE, I guess here it is. Personally, I’m very hurt.”

Elias further went on to say that as an alliance as well as a coalition, they will be able to recover from this huge and devastating loss, but however, very much sadly, the personal hurt on the side will be felt for a long time to come.

Players’ Reaction to the Said Incident

Some players, on the other hand, witnessing the aftermath of this very event seem overjoyed at all the backstabbing and drama. Highspeedlimo, one Reddit user, stated, “I love this game; sure, other games can have betrayal, but this is what makes Eve…. EVE. Not useless b0tters getting fat fraternity [sic.] but players fighting and doing s**t like this.”

Jay Amazingness Is Still Yet To Release an Official Statement

While Jay Amazingness is still yet to release an official statement in regards to the incident, players have already managed to find out that he has now joined the Pandemic Legion, which is a medium-sized alliance of 1300 members at the moment with a strong focus on PvP. And according to a Reddit post, “the soul destroyer goes to the only place safe… the place with no soul left.” The post further went on to report that “Pandemic Legion super and titan pilots were seen moving pods around the constellation upon Jay’s arrival. One can’t be too careful.”



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