Amazon Tells Staff They May Not Be Promoted If They Don’t Return To Office

Amazon tells staff they may not be promoted if they don’t return to office. The tech firm suggests with this development further crackdowns on hybrid workers and working.

Amazon Tells Staff They May Not Be Promoted

Amazon Tells Staff They May Not Be Promoted

A new revision to the promotions policy of Amazon states that workers must comply with the return-to-office mandate of the company in order to qualify. The updated policy in question which was spotted by Business Insider, reportedly states that workers should be in the office on at least three working days every single week, and those that fail to do so would need VP approval in a bid to be considered for a promotion.

The news in question comes less than a month after Amazon reportedly revealed to managers to discuss with non-compliant workers their office-based working expectations, thus revealing the potential to fire workers who reportedly continue to oppose the said rule.

Amazon’s Response to the Recent Development via Business Insider

An Amazon spokesperson revealed to Business Insider: “Promotions are one of the many ways we support employees’ growth and development, and there are a variety of factors we consider when determining an employee’s readiness for the next level. Like any company, we expect employees who are being considered for promotion to be in compliance with any guidelines and policies.”

Disparity between Company and Workers Wants

The past couple of months have highlighted a clear disparity between the expectations of the company and what workers want. And after firing around 27,000 workers at the end of the year 2022 and the start of 2023, Amazon went on to also demand that its office-based workers reduce their remote and hybrid working hours, years after many were reportedly sent home at the height of the COVID pandemic.

In the early parts of this year, 30,000 of the workers of the company signed an internal petition reportedly opposing the revised requirement, and then a small group staged a walkout over this and the environmental credentials of the company. Amazon at that time revealed to us that only a fraction of the number who were committed to walking out actually did.

As well as following up on the policies of the company, workers also should be consistently demonstrating next-level performance, and the role also should be able to grow with them following promotion.

What Amazon’s Stance Mean

The stance of Amazon may appear extreme, but it is however one of a growing list of firms cracking down on remote working, with other companies which is including Google, Apple, and Roblox all imposing anti-compliance measures.

TechRadar Pro has reportedly asked Amazon to share comments on the said report but has not gotten a response yet.



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