Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Adds Rollerdrome and Dune: Spice Wars To Its Catalog

Xbox Game Pass reportedly adds Rollerdrome and Dune: Spice Wars to its already impressive catalog this very month. And away from that very news, Coral Island has now left early access and it is now available.

Xbox Game Pass Rollerdrome And Dune: Spice Wars

Xbox Game Pass Rollerdrome And Dune: Spice Wars

Xbox has just announced even more games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass this very month, with the adorable life and farm sim Coral Island reportedly leaving early access and then launching today on the service.

Specifically, the game is available to play via Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Players and gamers alike can now build their very own farm from the ground up, befriend islanders, take care of animals, and even help to restore the town and its coral reefs in what sounds very much like a very relaxing time.

Xbox Post Confirming the Additions

Otherwise, a post on Xbox Wire has reportedly confirmed that the real-time strategy game Dune: Spice Wars is currently available via PC Game Pass, and it will be playable via console Game Pass as well as cloud gaming from November 28. The title in question for those that don’t know was released back in September, and at TRG, Cat Bussell gave it three stars out of a reported five, thus praising its faithful recreation of the Dune setting as well as “excellent strategy fundamentals.”

The stylish third-person shooter Rollerdrome will also be playable on November 28 via console and PC Game Pass, as well as Xbox cloud gaming. The game which was developed by Roll7, was released in the previous year and blends fluid movement with a really fast-paced combat.

Other Games That Will Now Be Available On Xbox Game Pass

And just in case you forgot, Persona 5 Tactica which is the tactical role-playing game that features fan-favorite Persona 5 characters such as Joker, Ryuji, Ann, and Makoto – will also be available as a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass when it gets to launch on November 17. The game will be playable via PC, Xbox Series X|S, and cloud gaming.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass and EA Play

Otherwise, the latest news post in question also confirms a host of games are leaving Xbox Game Pass and EA Play (and this is included in PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate) on the 30th of November. Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield 1943 (well, just the console version) are reportedly leaving EA Play, while Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the other hand is leaving EA Play on consoles and PC.

The console version of Grid for those that don’t know is now leaving EA Play, too. Finally, Disc Room, Eastward as well as Anvil are leaving Game Pass on cloud, consoles, and even on PCs.



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