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Dating with Facebook Avatar is one way to spice up Dating on Facebook. If you are new to Facebook, then you should be aware of the top two features trending on the platform. Facebook dating was launch in 2018, and two years another incredible feature followed called Facebook Avatar. These features came with an interesting difference because they both carry out Amazing roles on Facebook.

Dating with Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatars were created to do the work that emojis do on the platform. but with time, Facebook made them much better and now you can use them for more than just expressions. Just as the name implies, Facebook dating is a dating app created to help users hook up easily. The work of the dating app is to create matches between people on the dating platforms using things they have in common. The dating app has led to a lot of relationships on Facebook which is really great.

Dating with Facebook Avatar

Now, if you wish to take your dating on Facebook to the next level using Facebook avatars, that should not be a problem. Basically, the main reason for creating a Facebook avatar is:

  • For comments and stories
  • Text post with backgrounds.
  • You can also make use of it in conversations
  • and it can be displayed on your Facebook gaming profile or even as your profile picture.

If you really want to be dating with the Facebook avatar, instead of emojis, the avatar would pass just the right message to your match on the dating platform. there are several ways to spice up your dating life using a Facebook avatar.

One interesting fact that you should note of Facebook is that they always update and upgrade their platform. They might introduce a new feature that would get a Facebook avatar and the dating app working together which is really great. Dating with Facebook avatar.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating comes with a lot of interesting features to make not just matching easier, but getting a great match and expressing yourself easier. The app features a much easier profile creation process, users get to add their Instagram post to their dating profile and many more.

The dating app has over the year received a lot of interesting updates and features, and now Facebook is looking to add a new feature. This feature would enable user add their Instagram and Facebook stories to their dating profile. there is a lot to expect from dating on Facebook, and more so ever since it was compared to some of the top dating platforms around today like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and the likes.

How to Locate Facebook Dating and Avatars

These two apps are not so hard to locates, and more so since they are located in the same place on Facebook. With the dating app, you get to create your profile and join the dating community until you finally find a date. While for the avatar App, you get to create an avatar with the height, size, color, and looks of your choosing.

To Locate Facebook Dating and Avatar, just follow the steps stated below. This should not be a problem if you have used Facebook before.

  • Log in your Facebook account on the Facebook app
  • Then tap on the menu icon at the top right of your Facebook home screen
  • Scroll down, and tap on “see more”
  • This would bring out more icons, there you would find the avatar and dating app.

If you, unfortunately, do not find the dating app there, then it is not yet available in your country. This app is currently available only in some countries for now. So, dating with Facebook avatar might not be possible for some people right now.

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