Nvidia Reportedly Hits Major RTX GPU Milestone

Nvidia reportedly hits major RTX GPU milestone with 500 games as well as apps that are now supporting ray tracing or DLSS. Just in case you haven’t gotten a glimpse of what is happening here, know that RTX games are being played for 87 million hours every week.

Nvidia Hits Major RTX GPU Milestone

Nvidia Hits Major RTX GPU Milestone

Nvidia is now celebrating a major milestone with its RTX technology, thus announcing that 500 games as well as apps now incorporate RTX support in one means or another.

Those as you should know are games and applications that are running ray tracing or DLSS (or both), making use of the dedicated cores on RTX graphics cards, just so you know.

And as Nvidia reminds us, the very first RTX GPU was the RTX 2080 which was in question launched just over five years ago now (how time flies when it is that you are having fun gaming).

RTX Games Are Being Played For 87 Million Hours Every Week According To Nvidia

Just a handful of pieces of software, as well as games, came with initial support, but right at this moment, there are 500, with RTX games in question being played for 87 million hours every week, Nvidia reveals to us.

Nvidia Shares Stats To Go With Its Claim

Nvidia naturally has a host of other stats to share with users, and that in question is inclusive of the fairly unsurprising revelation that many PC gamers with an RTX graphics card make use of ray tracing and or even DLSS in big-name titles that are in support of it.

For instance, 97% of those gamers who are playing Cyberpunk 2077 go ‘RTX On’ as Nvidia puts it, and 99% of players of Alan Wake 2 (and 99% of those gamers engaging in Minecraft, too).

How To Take Part Of Nvidia’s Giveaway During This Celebration

It however would not be a celebration without a giveaway, of course, and Nvidia in question has 20 Green Man Gaming gift cards in its arsenal now up for grabs, as well as some ‘RTX On’ keycaps. In order to stand a chance of getting some goodies, you will need to follow one of the main social channels of Nvidia (X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube) for instructions on how you can take part.



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