How To Turn On Ray Tracing On Fortnite On Your PC

Have you heard about the new feature ‘ray tracing in Fortnite on PC’? Just about a month ago, epic games announced via a blog post that ray tracing would be introduced to Fortnite. Do you know what this means? Well, this simply means that players using NVidia GPUs and directX12 would now be able to enable ray tracing while gaming and also enable NVidia’s DLSS feature. And just as expected, this very update will come with all the necessary and usual improvements with ray tracing. Some of these movements however include improved reflections, lighting effects, shadows chief and so much more. If you would love to learn more about ray tracing and the effects and improvements it would be bringing to your Fortnite experience then you would need to continue reading as more details and information would be revealed in the course of this article.

Ray Tracing In Fortnite On PC

Ray Tracing In Fortnite On PC

The chances of you hearing of ray tracing are very high if you are a gamer, most especially if you game on PC. But however, it just might be that you have heard of ray tracing but don’t really know what it is all about. The thing here is that ray tracing is actually a big deal in the gaming world and only a few know about it. Ray tracing is a gaming feature that has been around for some time now. Although NVidia has been pushing for it to be in the market as far back as 2018, it is more than just a marketing ploy to help sell graphic cards. What then is this ray tracing all about?

Ray tracing is a developing technology, allow me to use that term. This very technology is used for enhancing game visuals and in the process resulting in a much more immersive, eye-catching, and interestingly pleasing gaming experience. The main reason why you haven’t heard of ray tracing in PCs is that PCs never had the requirements to implement it. It is just only recently that PCs could accommodate the technology. This technology is used to enhance lighting in games. This is done in different ways though. From reflections to shadows and also in the gaming environment and items within games, the effect of this technology can be hugely felt.

With the latest NVidia processors in play, you can easily implement and feel the effects of ray tracing on your gaming giving you a whole new experience. Ray tracing helps generate high resolution, real-time reflections that will in turn help reflect details in front of, above, behind, and below players or the camera. These details of course are details players cannot see with previous techniques.

Fortnite Ray Tracing Requirements

Just as explained already in the course of this article, in the previous paragraphs to be precise, the ray tracing feature and software has been around for quite some time now. Although it is not everyone that knows about this. But however before you can start making use of this feature on Fortnite on your PC, there are some system requirements that you will need to be aware of. The question has always been there among players who know about ray tracing and all of its features if it is available on PC. Yes, you can run ray tracing on Fortnite on your PC. And epic, the parent developer of Fortnite has released the system requirements on how strong your rig needs to be. Below are the system requirements needed to run ray tracing on Fortnite on your PC;

  • Requires DirectX 12.
  • CPU – 4 cores and or more.
  • GPU – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 and or higher (use updated drivers; 450.00 and higher are supported).
  • Windows 10 version 1903 of May 2019 update with a build number 18362 and or newer.

These are the system requirements to enable this feature on your Fortnite game on your PC. Continue reading to learn how to enable the feature on your game.

How To Turn On Ray Tracing On Fortnite On Your PC

Enabling this feature is easy. As long as you have got the system requirements, then you are good to go. To enable this feature, follow the steps below;

  • Head to the settings menu in-game.
  • Scroll down the menu page to advanced settings.
  • You will find options for ray tracing in the advanced settings page.
  • Manipulate the settings to your preferred options and then restart your system.

That’s how you enable ray tracing on Fortnite on your PC. But make sure you follow the steps above carefully.


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