Nintendo Switch Rumored to get Hardware Update with Nvidia DLSS – Nintendo Rumored Upgraded Features

The Nintendo Switch Rumored to get a hardware update with Nvidia DLSS is a big step for Nintendo Switch gaming. This rumor about making the rounds that Nintendo is now upgrading its Switch game console in other to add the Nvidia graphics chip later this year. The rumor has claimed the console refresh is aimed at targeting the holiday shopping season of 2021. This upgraded chip would feature much better graphics and improved processing power for the latest.

Nintendo Switch Rumored to get Hardware Update with Nvidia DLSS

Nintendo Switch Rumored to get Hardware update With Nvidia DLSS

The Source of the rumor is unnamed people that claim knowledge of Nintendo’s plans. According to other sources, the new Switch would further support the Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), which happens to be a rendering technology that makes use of AI to produce much better graphics with more efficiency. The source also stated that the console would receive an OLED display upgrade.

Nintendo Rumored Upgraded Features

The Nintendo’s upgraded console would also allegedly aid the 4K quality graphics when it is connected to a TV. Utilizing the new Nvidia chipset would also add a better processor and more memory for the portable console. DLSS would aid the developers to include their code in their games.

This basically means that making use of the new graphics to the fullest would be limited to games that have not been released yet. Rumors in the past have suggested that the OLED screen that is used for the updated console would be required to be sourced from the Samsung Display and measures seven-inches.

The Nintendo Switch continues to produce great sales, but it is aging and is now facing new competition from upgraded consoles from the Xbox and PlayStation. The demand for this gaming hardware and software has now surged during this coronavirus pandemic forcing a lot of people to leave their work and stay indoors. How this cheap shortage worldwide might impact people is still unclear. Nintendo plans to launch the console on time before the holiday season arrives. The console would likely be available in short supply due to the fact that the manufacturers have shown that they would not be able to meet demands.

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