Microsoft’s Seeing AI App Is Now on Android

Microsoft’s Seeing AI app is now on Android. And just in case you don’t know, the app in question helps people who are blind or those who have low vision to easily and most effectively scan documents and can also help to describe their surroundings.

Microsoft’s Seeing AI App on Android

Microsoft’s Seeing AI App on Android

Microsoft is reportedly expanding its Seeing AI app to Android, the company Monday stated. That said, the app is now available on the Google Play Store and it reportedly works across 18 languages, with reported plans to expand to 36 languages in the coming year.

Seeing AI narrates the surroundings of a person and it is designed to help blind as well as low-vision people to carry out tasks such as reading mail, identifying products, and even hearing descriptions of photos. Users have to point their phone’s camera, snap a picture, and then they will hear a description.

Features of the App

The app as you should know has several categories for various tasks. For instance, the Short Text function will reportedly speak aloud text as soon as it gets to show up in front of the camera. The People feature in question will identify those who are around you. And the Currency function on the other hand will identify money.

The Scenes feature allows you to hear a description of a setting that you have photographed, and you can even move your finger across the screen in a bid to hear the locations of different objects. Seeing AI in case you don’t know can also read handwritten text and even identify colors.

The App Is Already Available on the iPhone and iPad

The app in question is already available on iPhone as well as on iPad. Both Android and iOS versions of the app however is inclusive of updated features such as photo descriptions with more details as well as an option to even ask questions about a document that you have scanned, such as what is on a menu or the price of a product or an item on a receipt. You can even also ask it to summarize an article.

“There are over 3 billion active Android users worldwide, and bringing Seeing AI to this platform will provide so many more people in the blind and low vision community the ability to utilize this technology in their everyday lives,” Seeing AI’s founder Saqib Shaikh in a blog post stated. “And as additional versions roll out, customer feedback will continue to be critical for new AI-powered enhancements to future versions of the Seeing AI app.”

Other Tech Giants with Similar Apps and Features

Other tech giants such as Google and Apple in recent years have also released features pointed toward users who are blind or of low vision. The Lookout app of Google helps people to easily and effectively identify objects and even read documents making use of their phone’s camera, and Guided Frame on the Pixel on the other hand makes use of audio cues as well as haptics to help people frame their selfies.

The Point and Speak feature of Apple reads aloud text labels as people reportedly point to them, and Door Detection on the other hand that is on iPhone and iPad helps people who are blind or are of low vision to help locate a door when they arrive at a new place.



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