A Small and Useful Update Stops Your Android Phone from Blinding You in the Dark

A small and useful update stops your Android phone from blinding you in the dark. This new update is a reported incoming android tweak and it is set to work brilliantly and effectively.

A Small and Useful Update Stops Your Android Phone from Blinding You in the Dark

A Small and Useful Update Stops Your Android Phone from Blinding You in the Dark

We are still some way off from getting any real news in regards to Android 14 from tech company Google, but the tweaks and updates are still coming in fast and hard for Android 13 – and one very update currently in the pipeline will stop the screen of your phone from blinding you in the dark. It’s that simple, yet very necessary.

And as seen by Mishaal Rahman (via Phandroid), the reported code for the next Android update looks very much to include a feature that will sense the ambient light conditions around a smartphone even at situations where the phone screen is switched off.

How the New Update Works

So, the next time you get to lock your phone, you should go somewhere that’s a lot darker, and then unlock it again. Doing this will stop you from getting blind by the previous setting on your phone. The phone will recognize it is now in a darker environment and will thus adjust the brightness accordingly, assuming of course you have the brightness of your phone already set to adjust itself automatically.

If you already have a Pixel phone from Google, you will locate the screen brightness options in the Display section of Settings, although for now this very feature is not enabled, and it is currently only in the Android 13 QPR2 beta release that is not available yet to the public.

Google’s Quarterly Platform Release

That QPR stands for Quarterly Platform Release in the event you don’t know, so the extra option may get to appear as part of an Android 13 update in the next couple of months., Google’s software development team alternatively might just decide to hold it over to Android 14, which is due to be unveiled officially at Google IO 2023 event stipulated to hold in May.

What to Expect With This New Update

Let’s hope it gets to arrive at some point, as it’s just a useful tweak as you will get to know if you have ever locked your phone in a bright environment (outdoors in the sun, for example), and then unlocked it in a darker environment later on such as a theater.



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