iOS 16.1 Tweaks The Battery Icon Once Again

iOS 16.1 tweaks the battery icon once again but I kind of liked it just the way it was before.

iOS 16.1 Tweaks The Battery Icon Once Again

iOS 16.1 Tweaks The Battery Icon Once Again

Ever since the update was made available to all users on an iPhone 8 device and higher, the battery percentage feature on iOS 16 has become a very popular topic. And with that, a preview version of iOS 16.1 is even refining it furthermore.

And instead of a constant value that is in front of the battery icon, the battery in question will also run down just as it did before now. Therefore, f your iPhone gets to 20% for instance, the icon will show as it did before but this time in red, while the percentage will remain.

This is a small change, but it will however be advantageous to those people who want the best of both worlds, a battery icon that shows the percentage and the battery itself on the other hand that runs down alongside the value.

How to Access This Feature and Update

If you wish to see it for yourself, you can but only if you sign your iPhone up for Apple’s beta software program and go ahead to install iOS 16.1. For now, I still prefer how it looks, and most especially that other iPhone users who are eligible for it will be gaining access to the feature immediately after the update is available to everyone.

The percentage value of the iPhone was no more when the notch came with the iPhone X back in 2017 as there was little to no space for both. The feature however arrived first in iOS 3 back in 2009 where anyone with an iPhone 3GS and higher could flick a switch, and then a number would appear just next to the battery icon.

Apple however decided to bring this back and now in a new form with iOS 16 where the value would be placed on top of the battery icon. I was very happy to see this very feature return to my iPhone 13 pro, as I would normally have to bring down the control center from the top-right of the display to see it, but now I can simply just look through at the value on the top right instead.

Apple Is Trying To Please All Parties with This New Update

And just as always, you cannot please everyone. And this is the reason apple is refining the icon to be able to show the battery run down just as it did before. Taking a look at this on the iPhone X running iOS 16.1, it kind of looks cluttered to me as you have got a changing battery icon ad also a numeric value all in the same place.

Will The Feature And Update Come to Fruition?

That being said and in all, we are still in the beta period. Therefore this could still change just before iOS 16.1 makes its entry, but it would be great to have more customization power so any user could easily have the battery icon display how it does right now, or just how it may be in the near or distant future.

It is still very cool regardless to have the percentage value after so many years, but we will however have to wait and see until iOS 16.1 is available to users with an iPhone 8 and higher.


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