International Cake Exploration Société (ICES)

The International Cake Exploration Société (ICES) is a global organization that promotes the passion for cake, cake decorating, and sugar artistry. The organization has members and partners all over the world and is aimed at improving the baking industry. International Cake Exploration Société

To achieve this goal, the organization hosts local, international, and regional programs to bring bakers and cake artists together.  To learn more about ICES, read on.

International Cake Exploration Société

Scholarships and educational programs are also awarded by ICES to individuals that are interested in Sugar arts and in the baking industry generally. If you are interested in improving your knowledge of Sugar art and also interested in sharing the knowledge, you can apply for a scholarship from this organization.

ICES Convention

To promote sugar artistry, the International Cake Exploration Société organizes an annual convention. This convention is held both internationally and locally. The annual convention features popular instructors and sugar artists from all around the world.

ICES Scholarships

The ICES scholarship is for individuals that want to develop their knowledge of sugar artistry and share the knowledge with others. Eligible applicants will receive training under ICES-approved teachers. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge in sugar artistry and baking, you are invited to apply for this scholarship.

Note that you must be an ICES member to apply for this scholarship. The deadline for application for this scholarship is on the 15th of January for the year’s award. You can learn more about this scholarship at

ICES Membership

To join the International Cake Exploration Société family, you need to apply for membership. Becoming a member gives you the opportunity of getting the scholarship and educational program offered by the company. The members of ICES comprise a network of sugar artists at every level.

You can find beginners and professionals and their skills will help you enhance your own skills. This membership is open to individuals interested in cake decorating and other confectionery art. The goal of this organization is to promote sugar art by giving out opportunities to members and others interested in developing their skills.

How to Become an ICES Member

You can join the ICES membership online with the steps below:

  • Open a web browser on a device connected to the internet.
  • Enter the URL to visit the ICES membership page.
  • Read through the membership details on the page and take note of the membership dues.
  • Click on the “JOIN NOW” button on the page.
  • Fill out your account “Email Address”, “Name” and “Mailing Address”.
  • Provide your “Street Address”, “Address Line”, “City”, State” and “ZIP Code”.
  • Choose your membership level i.e Gold Key.
  • Fill out your payment details such as “Name on the credit card”, “Billing Address” and “Credit card Information”.
  • Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

When you follow the steps above, you will successfully register for the ICES membership.

If you are interested in baking, sugar artistry, or confectionery, this is one of the best organizations to join. This organization is composed of sugar artists, cake decorators, and vendors.

Every annual event held by the company includes a display of sugar art. You can also further your education in sugar art by applying for the scholarships and educational programs offered by the company.



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