7up Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students – Apply Now!

7up Harvard Business School Scholarship is an MBA (Master of Business Administration) scholarship for Nigerian Students. It is sponsored by the 7Up Bottling Company Plc for Nigerian students to study at the prestigious Harvard Business School in the USA. Read this article to know about this scholarship program.7up Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students

7up Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students

In 2010, the scholarship program was launched by the 7up Bottling Company during its 50th-anniversary celebration. The award is in line with the company’s corporate responsibility to develop a future for promising Nigerians. Furthermore, the program was set up to develop manpower in the area of business administration.

The scholarship is awarded each year to only one Nigerian who has already gained admission to study at Harvard Business School. Also, the scholarship only allows for an MBA program.

What the 7up Harvard Business School Scholarship Covers

The scholarship award has a huge worth. It covers:

  • Tuition fees.
  • Feeding expenses.
  • Accommodation bills.
  • The flight ticket to the USA.
  • Return ticket from the USA.

Duration of the 7up Harvard Business Scholarship

The scholarship sponsorship lasts for the entire duration of the MBA full-time program. This business program is a two-year course.

Eligibility for the Scholarship Program

Interestingly, the scholarship does not need many requirements for you to apply. They are:

  • It is open to all Nigerians who have gained admission to Harvard Business School for the two-year MBA program.
  • It is open to all residents of the country.

How To Apply for the 7up Harvard Business School Scholarship

Before you apply, you need to be admitted successfully into the Harvard Business School. It is necessary for you to know that The HBS MBA application process is separate and must be done first. You can apply for full-time admission into HBA by visiting the Harvard MBA program website online.

If you have secured your admission, consider the steps to apply for the 7up Harvard Business School Scholarship:

  • Obtain your admission letter for the full-time Harvard MBA program.
  • Send an email with a copy of the admission letter to 7up Bottling Company, Plc.

After some time, the company will contact you on the next steps and how to proceed with them.

How the Selection Process Goes

The processes following the selection of an eligible candidate for the scholarship are as follows:

  • As earlier stated, all interested candidates who have been admitted into the Harvard business school are to submit their applications via email to 7up Bottling Company Plc.
  • All candidates who have submitted their applications go through intensive rounds of interviews. This process is to determine the most suitable applicant. After this, they grant the scholarship award to the most suitable candidate.

Applicants are advised to apply for admission into Harvard Business School in the first and second rounds. This gives you more chances of getting admitted. Third-round applicants might have limited spaces and more competition.

Past Winners of the Scholarship Sponsorship

A few people in the past have benefitted from this scholarship award. Some of them are:

  • Ahmed Alimi- 2017 HBS winner
  • Ulunma Izejiobi- 2018 HBS winner.


What GPA do you Need to Get Admission into Harvard Business School?

Harvard Business School does not set any minimum GPA requirement for the MBA full-time program. However, having a good student record guarantees you more chances of admission into this business school.

Do Graduates of Harvard Business School Get Jobs?

According to HBS statistics for the class of 2018 of 75% of the graduants who sought employment, 95% of them received offers. These offers were from good-paying employers. A lot of these graduants were from the department of finance, consulting, marketing, general management, strategic planning, and business development.

Which MBA Courses Have the Highest Salary?

Below is a list of some of the top highest paying specializations of MBA:

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Analytics
  • International Business
  • Marketing

Is it Worth it to Go to Harvard Business School?

Yes, it is. HBS has a good reputation over the world. It has been ranked as one of the best institutions to get an MBA degree. The program guarantees graduants good jobs from reputable employers. The MBA program ultimately places alumni into the class of corporate Americans.



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