Netflix Is Set To Launch Netflix Stories

Netflix is set to launch Netflix Stories, a new series of story games and they will be kicking it off with Love is Blind. The new label in question which is titled Netflix Stories will be featuring narrative games that are based on popular and famous Netflix shows and movies.

Netflix to Launch Netflix Stories

Netflix to Launch Netflix Stories

Streaming giant, Netflix is set to announce not only a new game but also a new line of narrative-driven experiences. This new experience will be called Netflix Stories: Love is Blind, and very much unsurprisingly, it is a mobile game that is based on the popular Netflix reality show, where players can easily and effectively take on the role of a new contestant. It seems very much similar to the existing title Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game, which Netflix has stated that is one of its most popular games.

The Love Is Blind Game Launch Date

The Love is Blind game as you should know launches on September 19th, and all interested parties (who are also Netflix subscribers) can now preregister to download it. Perhaps even more interesting than the single new game, however, is that the streamer has stated that more of these “Netflix Stories” titles are also in the works, and this is including the ones that are based on Money Heist and Virgin River. All of the games in question will be contained in a new app.

Netflix’s Description Regarding the Effort

That being said, here is how the company describes the effort:

“Netflix Stories puts you at the center of your favorite shows and movies. Step into the world of your favorite show and interact with the characters as you immerse yourself in our interactive story games. Choose your story and dive in. Choose your story, design your character, and enter a world that’s uniquely yours. Love, romance, friendship, and drama — we have it all. Welcome to the world of Netflix Stories.”

Netflix’s Experiment with Games

As Netflix continues on its path to experimenting with games on its service (which is also inclusive of expanding to new platforms that are way beyond mobile), it now seems that both narrative-focused games, as well as titles based on existing Netflix properties, are now becoming a major focus.

The two biggest releases of this summer included a sequel to the spooky adventure game Oxenfree and then a chess game that is based on The Queen’s Gambit. And with that very context, the Netflix Stories label in question really makes a lot of sense and could be a way for the streaming platform to give a more defined shape to its already fledgling game service.



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