DLSS 3 Frame Rate Booster Could Be Coming To Older Nvidia RTX GPUs

DLSS 3 frame rate booster could be coming to older Nvidia RTX GPUs but you however should not bet on it coming anytime soon. The whole idea is particularly theoretical for RTX 3000 and 2000 graphics cards at the least.

DLSS 3 Frame Rate Booster Could Be Coming To Older Nvidia RTX GPUs

DLSS 3 Frame Rate Booster Could Be Coming To Older Nvidia RTX GPUs

Nvidia DLSS 3 is the company’s answer on frame rate boosting for the RTX 4000 graphics cards and it is said to be exclusive for those incoming next-gen GPUs. But however, there is still hope that the piece of tech might be coming to o older RTX GPUs at a much later date. But even at that we are still not really convinced that Nvidia will be in a rush with this one.

The Rumor Is Reported By Tom’s Hardware as Seen on Twitter

This is coming from reports by Tom’s hardware which is an exchange that took place between the vice president of applied Deep Learning Research of Nvidia, Bryan Catanzaro, and the denizens of Twitter.

As seen on Twitter in a reply to a question on DLSS 3 in regards to whether there is “any hope for RTX 20/30 owners to use this tech at some point”, vice president Cantanzaro delivers something that looks like a cagey response.

In the tweet, he said: It’s theoretically possible that with additional research and engineering that we could get this technology working on other cards, although it wouldn’t provide as much benefit. The current version only works on 4000-series cards.

Is The DLSS 3 A Driver Of Next-Gen Sales?

With that tweet and everything going on about right now, we now know that it is a possibility that is sounding more like a piece of good news somewhat. But in other parts of that same Twitter thread, the Nvidia VP talks about why DLSS 3 is only exclusive to RTX 4000.

And also that it relies on the optical flow accelerator in order to carry out heavy lifting. And while that is in Ampere GPUs, it has been improved greatly for RTX 4000 graphics cards, which is a very important part of DLSS 3 running efficiently and smoothly.


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