Microsoft Could Be Taking a Swipe at Apple with the Surface Studio 3

Microsoft could be taking a swipe at Apple with the Surface Studio 3 as it now looks like Microsoft hasn’t totally given up on taking on the iMac product line.

Microsoft Could Be Taking a Swipe at Apple with the Surface Studio 3

Microsoft Could Be Taking a Swipe at Apple with the Surface Studio 3

It now seems like Microsoft could be getting ready to launch the Surface Studio 3 all-in-one PC at its October 2022 event.

When the invites for the event which is stipulated to take place on October 12, 2022, started to be sent out, many of the focuses were centered on the possibility of seeing the Surface laptop 5 or the Surface Pro 9. But as Windows latest points out, we may be seeing some other niche products from Microsoft and this is including a possible Surface Studio 3.

The Source of the Rumor

You should however know that this rumor is coming from a united states Federal Communications Commission (FCC) document that was published recently. In the document, Microsoft describes a ‘Desktop Computer’ that may possibly have a Surface branding. And while another piece of information is slim on the ground, it’s not thought at the moment that this could hint at the existence of the Surface Studio 3.

Can Microsoft Really Pick On Apple

The surface Studio lineup from Microsoft are all-in-one desktop PCs. What this means is simple. It means that the Microsoft Surface Studio lineup has computer components built directly into a display thus making them convenient and space-saving alternatives to the traditional desktop computers we are all accustomed to.

But one might say the most popular all-in-one computer in the world right now is the apple iMac. That being said, Microsoft clearly wants its Surface Studio devices to battle it out with apple and their dominance in the market. And despite a really decent critical reception, the Surface Studio lineup has failed to really live up to expectations among consumers. The high price of the devices in contrast to its competitors and rivals did not help matters.


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