Google Extends Time for Stadia Controllers to Switch to Bluetooth

Google extends the time for Stadia controllers to switch to Bluetooth. That being said, users now have until December 31, 2024, to allow or enable Bluetooth on their respective Stadia controllers.

Google Stadia Controllers Switch to Bluetooth

Google Stadia Controllers Switch to Bluetooth

If it is that you have not yet enabled Bluetooth on your Stadia controller, then you have no reason to rush the whole process. Google has reportedly extended the deadline for when its controllers will no longer work wirelessly from the end of this very year to December 31st, in the coming year of 2024, as shown on its website (via @wario64).

Google Announcement of the Discontinuation of Its Stadia Cloud Gaming Service

After Google made the announcement of the discontinuation of its Stadia cloud gaming service in the previous year, the firm stated that it would allow its controllers to live on as wireless Bluetooth gamepads compatible with PCs, Macs, phones, as well as other systems. The company also rolled out a special web-based tool back in January that you can effectively utilize to activate Bluetooth on your Stadia controller.

The Previous Deadline Date From Google

Google prior to this development gave users until December 31st, 2023 (this year) to complete the said switch, but the extra time here simply means that people will now have more of a chance to convert their controllers if it is that they have not already. The controllers in question will only work as wired USB controllers if it is that Bluetooth is not yet switched on by the new deadline.



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