Google’s Nest Hub Max is set to Drop Support for Google Meet and Zoom

Google’s Nest Hub Max is set to drop support for Google Meet and Zoom. The Nest Hub Max will reportedly stop offering video calls via Zoom or Google Meet at the end of the month of September.

Google’s Nest Hub Max support for Meet and Zoom

Google’s Nest Hub Max support for Meet and Zoom

Tech giant, Google is reportedly axing its support for Google Meet and Zoom on its Nest Hub Max smart display. And just as seen by 9to5Google, many users are now seeing a notice on their device that states that they can no longer join meetings via Google Meet beginning September 28th.

Google spokesperson Robert Ferrara has just confirmed these very changes to The Verge, thus stating that you will no longer be able to join meetings through meeting codes in Google Meet at the end of this month. Similarly, a support page on the other hand that was updated by Zoom in July states: “All Zoom support for Google Nest Hub Max will end on September 30th, 2023.” And just after that date, the Zoom app as you should know will stop working, and users on the other hand will no longer be able to install or update the app.

What Next after the Discontinuation of the Zoom and Meet Apps on the Nest Hub Max

Despite the discontinuation of the Zoom and Meet apps on the Nest Hub Max, Ferrara has stated that “there is no change to making 1:1 and group video calls to friends, family, and businesses with Google Meet.” Google initially rolled out support for Meet and Zoom on its Nest Hub Max in the midst of the Covid pandemic back in 2020. Zoom at the time, also arrived on rival smart displays, which is inclusive of the Amazon Echo as well as the now-discontinued Portal from Meta.

The Main Selling Points of the Nest Hub Max

And while video conferencing became one of the main selling points of the Nest Hub Max, some users however reported experiencing a host of technical issues when making use of either app. Google also stopped offering games via the Nest Hub Max back in June, and it still has not ported over the built-in Nest Cam of the device to the Google Home app.

Google Distancing Itself from Smart Displays

With the reported loss of video conferencing tools, users are however left to ponder on what is to become of the smart display, or if it is that will even have a successor. Google has already been distancing itself from smart displays over the past couple of months, as it reportedly ended support for third-party Assistant-powered displays back in April.



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