Google’s Nest Thermostat Set to Start Working Better with Apple      

Google’s Nest Thermostat is set to start working better with Apple as the matter compatibility update will start to roll out today. This means that if you are one o the many users who have constantly complained about the device’s compatibility with Apple, then you are in for some good news in that regard.

Google’s Nest Thermostat

Google’s Nest Thermostat

Google’s Nest Thermostats will at the moment start supporting the Matter smart home standard all thanks to an update that started rolling out on Tuesday. The update in question will let users change the temperature and their Nest Thermostat mode with apps that are compatible with Matter as well as devices outside of the ecosystem of Google and this is including from both Amazon and Apple.

What is Matter

Matter as you should know is an open standard for smart home technology that is supported by Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and others. This standard gives users more control over their gadgets simply by allowing them to customize their smart home to work with more ecosystems and devices.

When Will the Rollout Be Complete?

Matter compatibility for Google Nest and Android devices was announced by Google back in December 2022, but Nest Thermostats were however left out of the product lineup.

The over-the-air update in question is at the moment available for Google’s Nest Thermostat which as you know was released back in 2020. The company stated that the update automatically will roll out over the next couple of weeks.



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