Netflix is Reportedly Shutting down Its Original DVD Business

Netflix is reportedly shutting down its original DVD business after a whopping 25 years. The streaming giant is now pulling the plug on its DVD business that it began before even becoming a streaming firm and giant.

Netflix Original DVD Business

Netflix Original DVD Business

Netflix which originally kicked off as a company that shipped DVDs by mail is now drawing the curtains on its DVD business. The company will ship its final discs from on the 29th of September, the company on Tuesday made the announcement.

“After an incredible 25-year run, we’ve decided to wind down later this year,” Netflix in a blog post stated. “Our goal has always been to provide the best service for our members but as the business continues to shrink that’s going to become increasingly difficult.”

Netflix’s DVD by Mail Business

The streaming company purchased the domain back in March 2021 which as you should know was just a couple of months after it reversed an ill-conceived plan to spin off its DVDs by mail business into an entirely separate entity known as Qwikster.

The streaming company says that the first DVD that it ever shipped out was a copy of Beetlejuice back on March 10, 1998. And the company has now revealed that ever since then it has shipped well over 5.2 billion DVDs in total. And the most popular movie ever shipped by the company is The Blind Side.



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