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Do you know that having a successful business doesn’t depend on how big your company builds or how much money capital you use to set up the business? It may be a good start but does not guarantee the longevity of the business. We think this was what the “Burger King” knew and they had it bring in MyBKExperience. Are you wondering what “MyBKExperience” is? Then, let’s discuss it in our next heading.



MyBKExperience which can also be called “MyBKExperience Survey” is an online customer feedback program set up by Burger king. Furthermore, the aim of introducing the program is to bring the customer into the affair of how they can be given ultimate satisfaction as they come to patronize its burger king restaurants.

With the MyBKExperience customer can tell how satisfied they are and can equally drop their ideas. Nevertheless, Burger King only relies on honest customer feedback and gives out a reward to those customers who complete the MyBKExperience Survey online.

Furthermore, to become a participant in the MyBKExperience Survey you will have to qualify for it. This means you need to have the needed requirement and note the rules which includes

  • You must have a burger king receipt.
  • All participants should be above 18 years old.
  • Applicant must be a resident of the U.S.A.
  • The website is open for just customers and not employees. Note, that no employee is allowed to participate.
  • One receipt is valid for just one survey.

If you have the above requirement up to date, you are free to apply for the Burger King survey.

MyBKExperience.Com Survey

Your honest opinion can earn you a great reward and continuous satisfaction. Yes, it can, all you need to do is to state your contribution and submit it. Below are steps to follow to start Burger King Survey.

  • Make sure you are having a burger king receipt handy.
  • Connect your device to a strong internet connection.
  • Visit the Burger King survey website through the site URL
  • Enter the “restaurant number” (burger King survey code) printed on your receipt on the box.
  • Click on the “Next” button that is below the box.

Follow all other instructions on the website to complete the process on the website.

Burger King Survey Benefit

Applying for the burger king survey will be very easy using the steps presented above. When you have processed the Burger King Survey form, then, you will be open to Burger King Survey reward, which includes

  • Have a free Whopper sandwich.
  • Original Chicken Sandwich.
  • Free whopper Burger.
  • Original Chicken Sandwich.

These and many more are benefits that come with burger king survey entry. Here is another amazing piece of news. Do you know you can get a free survey whopper when you renew the coupon codes? Well, to get this code renewed, you will have to partake in an online customer feedback survey using the steps provided above.

WWW.MyBKExperience.Com Surveys Free Whopper

Having a free whopper will not be a bad idea, don’t you think so? You must be curious to know how to get one. Well, you can get a free Whopper when you place your first online or participate in the MyBKExperience. Place an order worth 4$ on Burger King restaurant through the Bk website or app and get a free whopper.

Survey Burger King

Many may want to ask if Burger king has a survey? Yes, it does have a survey. However, this survey is open to only USA citizens who have recently patronized the Burger King restaurant. Furthermore, it demands that all its principles be followed for its reward to be accessed.

Burger King Customer Service

Would you want to know how to contact Burger King customer service for more details? Follow the steps below to reach out to the customer service department

  • Open the website on your web browser or you can click on
  • Click on the “contact” button at the top right corner.
  • Fill out the form with your “name”, “email” and “message”.
  • Tap on the “contact us” button that is below the form given.

Use the on-screen instruction given to complete the process on the website.

Frequently Ask Questions

We will be giving answers to some questions that people ask based on curiosity. Some of these questions include, how to get a free whopper? What is the code for a free whopper? How do I add points to my BK receipt? Does burger king buy one get one free?

Does Burger King Buy One Get One Free?

Yes. Burger king does buy one and get one free menu item. However, these items will be equal to or lesser value than the item you have purchased. You don’t have to buy the same item; you can mix and match for your own personalized paring.

What is the code for a free whopper?

The code for free whopper is written like “lucky whopper”. This code can only be seen when you click on the “autopilot whopper” box via the BK app on your device.

How to Add Points to my BK receipt?

Customers can add points to their receipt when they keep the receipt (invitation) after making a purchase at any burger king restaurant. However, this receipt is very important when making an entry to the burger king survey as you can get your transaction ID from the receipt.

How to Get Free Whopper

Getting a free whopper is very easy. It can be achieved when you place your first 3$ order online. Furthermore, to get a free whopper on BK, you will have to buy or order at least 3$ worth of BK meals on the burger king website or from the burger king app.


  1. Rainsvill al. Bk. Is slow…bad slow. I waited 20 minutes to place my order…then waited longer at the window…my lunch was over before I could eat the cold whopper Jr. If they can’t do better than that yall just need to close permanently


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