How to Reprint Jamb Slip

Jamb is known in full as Joint Admission and Matriculation Board and in this blog today you will get useful and valid information on Jamb Reprint. This exam called jamb is regarded as a Nigerian entrance examination where it is decided based on the results if a student can be admitted to a tertiary institution of earning for the purpose of furthering their education to gain more knowledge and understanding.

How to Reprint Jamb Slip
How to Reprint Jamb Slip

Jamb Reprint

The Jamb examination is been conducted every year in Nigeria and having a reprint is very compulsory for every candidate that has applied for the examination. One piece of information that you should consider is having full information and valid feedback on your examination for JAMB and by reading this content you will get full updates that every candidate needs to have.

Jamb Reprint Slip

In simple terms and understanding jamb examination slip or reprint slip is described as a document that is known to contain your biodata details, UTME subject combinations, and examination details. Moreover, it is very necessary that candidates have their jamb reprint skip in order to know the examination date and venue for the exam and it is also seen as a gate pass for your exam venue.

How to Reprint Jamb Slip

Through your Jamb slip you can be able to get important information about your exam. Meanwhile, you should also know that reprinting is not that difficult and if you are able to follow the steps below you will be enlightened on the full details.

  • First, you need to visit the online website portal at on the web browser of your strong internet-connected device.
  • Then enter your “Registration number or e-Mail or GSM (phone) number”.
  • Make sure it is the same information you use for your registration process.
  • After that click on the “Print slip” button.
  • Then proceed to save the slip on your “PDF file” on your mobile phone and then proceed to print it out by going to any computer café.
  • And then after making the print out it will be best if you make photocopies where six (6) is ok.

Why was Jamb Reprinting Introduced?

There is actually a reason or reasons rather on why the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) introduced slip reprinting. Well, one of the major reasons why it was introduced was to curb the act of examination malpractice that has been on the rise where Jamb proceeded to withhold the venue, date, and time of the candidate’s exam.

Going further, one other reason is to make sure that candidates that went forward to apply for the exam are able to reprint and make adjustments on the candidates on the available CBT centers. Also, there are several situations where exam centers are filled and accommodation cannot be attained and in order to fix that situation jamb introduced reprinting to make accommodations for each center.

When is Jamb Reprinting Starting?

Well, this is actually the question that has been all over the internet asked by candidates and also other people who wish to have information on the date. And you actually don’t need to be worried for the information you are in search of will be stated here.

Moreso, it has been brought to your attention that the reprinting will begin before the exam which will be on 22nd April 2023 while the examination has been rescheduled to begin on the 25th April 2023 till the 2nd May 2023 and it is required that all candidates make their reprint on time.

What are the Contents of a Jamb Slip?

You should already know that there are contents that a jamb slip contains but if you don’t know then consider it as a combination of the information that you have gotten so far from this blog. Well, these contents that have been stated earlier are going to be on a list below and it is actually left for you to go through them and acquire more knowledge about them.

  • Candidate’s Number.
  • CBT examination center.
  • Your time, and date for the examination.
  • Some of your personal details such as your email address, your phone number, name and others.
  • And some of the basic rules and regulations that have been stated by Jamb that students or applicants must adhere to.

How many times can I print out my exam slip for Jamb?

Well, it is certain that you can actually make several prints of your jamb slip till you are satisfied with the amount you want. Going further you should have in mind that there is no maximum limit on the time you can print your slip.

Aside from that, I actually cannot see the reason why you would want to reprint your slip more than once even though there was a situation with the first printing. Well, it all actually depends on you on the decision you choose to make but I would deeply advise that you make photocopies if there is ever a situation where you might or must have lost your original slip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has JAMB Reprinting Started for 2023?

JAMB examination Slip Reprint will commence as of 22nd April 2023 and also the CBT exams have been rescheduled to proceed on 25th April 2023 till m2nd May 2023.

Why is JAMB Reprint Not Allowed?

The JAMB reprint portal has stated that examination slip printing is not allowed now due to the reason that the portal has not been enabled for printing yet.

Does JAMB Regularization Expire?

Delaying with your JAMB regularization happens when your institution does not forward your indemnity form to the JAMB board on time. Moreso, it could be due to late approval by JAMB and JAMB regularization does not expire.

Can JAMB Make a Mistake in Marking?

At least twice, JAMB has raised candidates’ results by a few points but the baseline was that the board would think about raising the scores, though, if the poor performance could be linked to the technical problems that JAMB was aware of.

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