How Much Is Child Tax Credit: Requirements of Child Tax Credit

You might wonder how much is child tax credit as most people take it for child benefits. The child tax credit is a great benefit that is being given to parents to cover the expenses of raising children. You should as well know that the child tax credit does not in any way affect your child’s benefits.

If you are in for how much is child tax credit worth 2021, then you know it has been increased if compared to the previous year 2020 which ranges from $3000 to $3600.

How Much Is Child Tax Credit

How Much Is Child Tax Credit

The amount of tax credit is given to parents in the year 2020 was worth $2000 per child. It should be well known that even poor families also benefit from this child tax credit. Which is usually 15% of their money earned with a maximum of $1400. To know if you are eligible for a child tax credit, your child should be under the age of 17.

Requirements of Child Tax Credit

One great benefit of the child tax credit is its ability to reduce your tax. Nevertheless, there are requirements which are ought to be met to acquire this great benefit. Therefore, not all families or should I say not all parents are entitled to it. So, for you to earn a child tax credit, you must figure out if your child is eligible due to these requirements.

Moreover, to acquire child tax credit does not need you to be employed based on the new clause. This is one of the recent major changes as families with low income could not get such benefits in the past. So, you might have no income and still being entitled to a child tax credit for your child if you can meet the child tax credit requirements.

Child Tax Credit Age Limit

This is actually the first thing you should check out because without this factor. Just forget about what a child tax credit is all about. So, to opt-in for a child tax credit, your child should be 16 years old or younger than that when the tax year ends. Moreover, it should be noted the child tax credit is only entitled to each child for one family.

Citizenship Verification

You can’t just come from anywhere to claim a child tax credit in any place. You have to be at least a citizen to attain such. Although different country comes with their different requirements but talks about that of the U.S. You need to be a citizen, national, or a resident alien. What I mean by a resident alien are those immigrants who have been lawfully and legally made permanent residents in the United States.

Residence Examination

To pass the child tax credit examination, the child must have been living with you at least more than half of the tax year. Although, if a child died during the tax year is considered an exception as it would still be considered that the child had lived with you for the full tax year. Also, if the child is absent for a special reason relating to school, medical issues, military program, juvenile issues, and so on is considered an exception.

Level of Relationship

Before claiming a child tax credit. You should understand that the ‘child’ in the quote must be closely related to you as being your own child, step, or foster. Concerning the latter, you have to prove it. Either by a court or an authorized administrative department. Moreover, the child tax credit also grants permission for one to claim any extended family as long as other requirements are met.

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