Cappella’s New Subscription App Aims to Translate the Cries of Babies Using AI

Cappella’s new subscription app aims to translate the cries of Babies using AI. Is it that the cries of babies are so universal, that they can be understood by AI? Well, the new subscription app of Cappella aims to provide it.

Cappella’s New Subscription App

Cappella’s New Subscription App

A new company has stated that its phone app can “translate” the cries of babies and tell you whether it is that they are hungry, uncomfortable, tired, or in need of a diaper change. Showcasing its tech at the just concluded CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Cappella reveals that it uses AI and machine learning to help decipher the needs of an infant.

As per Cappella, its technology is close to 95% accurate. That in question is versus roughly 30% of humans who try to guess the needs of their babies. You should however do well to take that figure with a grain of salt, of course: true that you know your baby best, and you can hit an “I disagree” button on Cappella’s app if it is that you don’t think that their figure is correct.

The Cost of the App

The app in question costs $10 a month, and Cappella as you should know is still working on temperature whether it is that your baby is crying simply because they are too hot or cold as yet another data point for analysis.

Another product on the other hand that claims to translate the cries of your baby, Qbear+, was shown off at CES in the previous year and even got to win an innovation award. The big difference with everything here is that you don’t have to purchase a new device: You can just make use of Cappella’s app on your very own phone.

Other Uses of Cappella App

You can also make use of Cappella as a more general parenting app, as it can effectively track sleep, feedings, and even diaper changes. The company is also working on making use of AI to help soothe your baby, too.

“With our groundbreaking AI-powered baby cry translator, we accurately understand your baby’s needs and use AI-generated sounds to soothe your little one without requiring your constant attention,” Cappella’s site states.

Cappella App on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Cappella for those that don’t know is already available in the Apple App Store, and you can also opt to join the waitlist for the Android app in the Google Play Store.



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