AGNES Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme (ECCF) Cohort 2

The 2024 AGNES Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme is now open for applications. Talented youth from Kenya have a rare opportunity to launch their careers at the intersection of climate science, policy development, and practice through the Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme (ECCF) of the African Group of Negotiators Experts Support (AGNES).

AGNES Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme (ECCF) Cohort 2
AGNES Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme (ECCF) Cohort 2

This program offers the potential for future generation leaders. The Fellowship offers the chance to forge an independent professional path and experience various decision-making settings in the context of climate change education. This Fellowship is supported by the AGNES through its NDC Delivery Lab in collaboration with Partners. NDC provides an excellent opportunity for creative and innovative solutions to address climate risks.

Aim and Objectives of the Early Career Climate Fellowship


The Fellowship is intended for gifted young Kenyan graduates who excel academically and have the potential to lead the way in climate change in their chosen fields of study. It also gives them the chance to launch independent careers in the intersection of climate science, policy, and practice.


  • Assist in making sure that a new generation of professionals can participate in IPCC procedures.
  • Provide youth with a rare chance to begin their careers in the field of climate policy-science practice interface and assist in the execution of the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and other Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).
  • To Encourage Fellows to gain real-world experience in climate policy and negotiations through mentorship, and support their creative analytical work.
  • To Create long-term, mutually beneficial networks of professionals that can exchange knowledge and provide creative ideas to improve policy, planning, and programming for climate action.


  • Up to five (5) fellowships will be awarded.
  • Successfully selected fellows will be paid as per the AGNES’ Human Resources Manual

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for the AGNES Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme (ECCF) Cohort 2, the applicant must meet the requirements below:

  • Be an early career researcher with no more than two years since completing their degree at the time of application;
  • Be a Kenyan national who is NOT older than 28 years old and who holds a bachelor’s degree or above in any field; and
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills. It is necessary to think critically, creatively, and inventively in order to engage in the programme.
  • Applicants must possess a strong work ethic and be prepared to learn in a multicultural, multidisciplinary setting.
  • Candidates who are currently employed may apply, but they must show proof that their employer is willing to give permission for the Fellowship period.
  • Candidates are expected to demonstrate a clear interest in the interface between science, policy, and practice.

Application Procedure

The application process requires applicants to provide the following three documents:

  1. A cover letter of 1 page maximum stating how the applicant’s qualifications and future career goals match the requirements of the ECCF programme.
  2. A very recent CV (2 pages maximum);
  3. Academic transcripts and up to date degree certificates.

For More Information, please visit the Official page of the AGNES Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme at

Application Deadline and Duration

  • Deadline: May 31st, 2024
  • Duration: 6 months (1st July to 31st December, 2024).
  • Fellows will participate full-time



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