Google Translate, How it Works

Knowing the effectiveness of google translate and how it works will be very beneficial for those who need translation services for business and even study purposes. Google translate has been the Internet’s go to source for many internet users. To some, it may be a joke but to others, a lifesaver.

Google Translate, How it Works

Google Translate, How it Works

Whether it is for a French assignment in a school or you want to order an item with an Italian app. You must have heard of Google translate at least once before. Although it is not the most capable tool for all facets of translation, it beats its purpose and will be very useful for your project or translation tasks.

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is a free tool that was developed by Google. This tool enables you to translate sentences, documents, and even websites from one language into another in very minimal time. The translation tool offers translations in about 109 languages as of April 2021 and translates a total of over 100 billion words every day.

Contrary to what so many people believe, Google Translate does not really provide direct translations from one language to another. It translates the source into English and then to the target language. The fact that the greatest number of documents are available in the English language online, makes the whole process a lot easier.

How Google Translate Works | How to Use Google Translate

For any type of translation, even if you want Google translate to work from English to Spanish or vice versa. Follow the easy steps below to use Google translate effectively

  • Type the Url, with any browser on your phone or your computer.
  • On the home page of the Google translate website, type in your language pair. The language to be translated in the first box by the left and the required language in the box by the right
  • After choosing the language pair, type the word, phrase or sentence to be translated.
  • Automatically, the translated result will show in a blue box below.

From what you have seen above, Google translate is very easy to use. It is simplified to the extent that anyone using it for the first time will be able to get the best from it.

How does Google translate Work?

Google Tran slate’s translations have become noticeably better in the past couple of years. This is because, in 2016, Google began to use a complex machine learning system referred to as  ‘the neural network learning’.

Simply put, it is a complicated learning system that enables the machine to compare so many texts from broad sources simultaneously and also ensures that the full context is taken into consideration rather than being translated in isolation.

As mentioned before, there is usually a language in between, in most cases, English. For example, you’d like to translate a document from French into Korean. The tool compares French into English translations to Korean into English translations and then spots the connections between both of them for your French-Korean translation.

Since Google Translate does this so many times a day, it gets better at spotting different patterns or connections between different language pairs and becomes more accurate in its translations with every single day that passes.

What Does it Mean for your Translations?

Though translators and translation companies may tell you to avoid machine translation at all costs, google translate has been used in the industry for so many years now and there is no denying that it can be really helpful most times. The real question is which tools you are using and what is it for?

For so many purposes, google translates can be a reliable or even an emergency tool for your translation.



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