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The Marsarto Awards are dedicated to acknowledging outstanding walking art. The Awards ceremony takes place in October, during Walktober, a worldwide movement to encourage walking as a creative activity.

The Marŝarto Awards

The nominated creative pieces can include various mediums, styles, and topics from a diverse range of creative fields, such as art, historical representation, health and wellness, community engagement, journalism, entertainment, literary works, ecological practices, tourism, and many others.


  • Being shortlisted in the walking art competition earns participants the privilege of boasting about their achievements.
  • Winners and honorable mentions are rewarded with a tangible award and a monetary prize. Winners receive a cash prize of 500 euros, while honorable mentions receive a cash prize of 200 euros.
  • To further support the artists, the organizers have established a membership program that functions similarly to a crowdfunding campaign. As the program reaches specific support milestones, the cash prize for winners can increase to 1000 euros, and the cash prize for honorable mentions can increase to 400 euros.

Eligibility Requirement

Any individual can submit their walking piece for consideration as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • The piece must incorporate walking as an integral component.
  • The piece must have been created in either 2023 or 2024 and submitted to the Walk Listen Create website.
  • There are no specific restrictions on who can submit their work.


The evaluation criteria for walking pieces include the following aspects:

  • Walking: The work is centered around the act of walking and is experienced as a form of walking. Walking is crucial to the meaning of the work, serving as the medium through which meaning is conveyed.
  • Research and context: The work is rooted in research or inquiry that contributes to the field of walking art. This research may explore various disciplines such as ecology, psychogeography, kinesiology, performance, landscape understanding, body-mind relationship, community building, territory awareness, political contexts, or occupied territories. The artist demonstrates an understanding of the questions and discussions surrounding walking art and how their work contributes to these conversations.
  • Contribution to walking art: The piece contributes to the advancement of walking art by expanding practices, deepening concepts, and furthering discourse in the field.
  • Artistic and emotional impact: The work may possess artistic or poetic qualities, evoking emotional responses and prompting reflections from the audience. It has the potential to engage and involve the audience, either through experiencing the work directly or through following its documentation.
  • Production quality: The piece is professionally executed and well-designed, reflecting a high standard of production.

How To Apply

To kick-start your Registration, click here  

Visit the official website of Marŝarto Awards  for additional information.

Application Deadline

October 31, 2024.

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