Sudan’s Internet Shutdown Affects More Than 14 Million Users

Sudan’s internet shutdown affects more than 14 million users. Lately, the region of Sudan has been a mess, truth be told. And with recent developments of internet shutdown in the country, it has now spread to over 14 million users.

Sudan’s Internet Shutdown

Sudan’s Internet Shutdown

The situation is as follows: Internet and telephone services have been entirely disrupted for several days, leaving the cause of the outage ambiguous.

The conflict involves the Sudanese government and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), both of whom have been in conflict for nearly a year, resulting in widespread turmoil and the displacement of millions.

The RSF, which holds sway over a significant portion of the telecommunications infrastructure, is accused of disconnecting the networks of Sudani and MTN Sudan as a form of protest against substandard communication services. Contrarily, the RSF deflects the blame, suggesting that the Sudanese army is the culprit behind the nation’s compromised digital communications.

In the midst of these accusations, the Digital Rights Lab, a domestic non-profit organization, is endeavoring to shed light on the circumstances. Reports from the DRH indicate that the RSF might have seized control of certain Internet service provider facilities in Khartoum, the capital city.

How the Turmoil in Sudan Is Affecting Telecommunication Providers

The turmoil has escalated, affecting Zain, a prominent telecommunications provider, and leading to the disconnection of approximately 14 million Internet users. The company has cited challenging conditions beyond its control for the disruptions.

Adding to the complexity, Anonymous Sudan, a hacktivist group, has started targeting nations it perceives as allies of the RSF, such as Djibouti and Uganda, by disrupting their telecommunications networks.

Anonymous Sudan Attack on eCitizen Platform

Recall that in July 2023, Anonymous Sudan launched an attack on Kenya’s eCitizen platform. This action was in response to a video where Sudanese General Yasir Al-Atta accused Kenyan President William Ruto of supporting the RSF. The group’s involvement highlights the increasing role of cyber activism in political disputes.

Sudan’s Significant Financial Losses and Disrupted Internet Access In 2023

Furthermore, Sudan experienced significant financial losses and disrupted Internet access for countless individuals in 2023, as a result of stringent censorship practices. This situation places Sudan among other African nations like Comoros and Senegal, which have also faced criticisms for restricting Internet freedom.



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