Google Layoffs Continue With Tons from the Sales Team

Google layoffs continue with tons from the sales team. The most recent round of job cuts by Google reportedly affects a couple of hundred roles worldwide.

Google Layoffs Continue With Sales Team

Google is making significant changes to its workforce, particularly in the advertising sales department. Following the layoff of around 1,000 employees last week, the company is now reducing its advertising sales team. Chris Pappas, a spokesperson for Google, confirmed to The Verge that this restructuring involves eliminating “a few hundred roles globally.”

This latest development in Google’s workforce adjustment was first brought to light by Business Insider, which got hold of a memo from Philipp Schindler, Google’s senior vice president. According to Schindler’s memo, the layoffs will predominantly impact the Large Customer Sales (LCS) unit. This unit is responsible for selling ads to large businesses. In contrast, the Google Customer Solutions team (GCS), which focuses on selling ads to smaller clients, is set to become the primary ad sales team.

This Is Not the First Time Google Has Made Cuts to Its LCS Team

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Google has made cuts to its LCS team. A report from Business Insider last October mentioned layoffs in this same division. These moves are indicative of Google’s strategic shift in its sales approach, prioritizing the GCS team and potentially changing its focus on the scale of businesses it primarily serves.

“Every year we go through a rigorous process to structure our team to provide the best service to our Ads customers,” Pappas reveals to The Verge. “We map customers to the right specialist teams and sales channels to meet their service needs. As part of this, a few hundred roles globally are being eliminated, and impacted employees will be able to apply for open roles or elsewhere at Google.”

What You Need To Know About the Recent Layoffs by Google

The recent layoffs at Google, extending beyond last week’s reductions, align with insights from Alex Heath of The Verge’s Command Line newsletter. Heath had predicted that the layoffs wouldn’t stop there, pointing specifically to the ad sales group, a substantial part of the company with around 30,000 employees, as a likely area for further cuts.

Google has been implementing widespread layoffs across various segments of its operations. The impact has been felt across a range of teams, including those working on well-known products like Pixel, Fitbit, and Nest, as well as the engineering and Google Assistant teams.

Google Has Not Disclosed the Total Number of Layoffs This Year

While Google has not disclosed the total number of layoffs this year, the figures from the recent rounds suggest a significant reduction in workforce. With the last week’s layoffs and the latest cuts in the ad sales team, each accounting for “a few hundred” roles, the total number of jobs eliminated clearly exceeds 1,000. These developments indicate a considerable restructuring within Google, affecting multiple facets of its business operations.



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