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Do you have a passion for the STEM field, and seeking an opportunity to collaborate with other young individuals in a different community to make a positive impact in the world? If yes, the Youth STEM Matters Team is the perfect opportunity you seek.

The Youth STEM Matters Team

Participating in the Youth STEM Matters Team, you get to develop your talents and become a part of a worldwide young community that is improving the world. The Team is led by a remarkable group of young volunteers from all around the world.

They are setting up a platform where young people from all around the world may exchange ideas, inventions, and research to address the most pressing global issues.

The Youth STEM Matters Team – What’s Involved

  • Team-wide projects where team members play a part in team-wide projects, focusing on building Youth STEM Matters as an impactful and inclusive platform for youth globally.
  • Specialism-Specific Tasks for each Participants. Each team member will have at least one specialism, which allows them to utilize their unique skillset to support the authors and give young people a platform to share their research, ideas, and innovations.
  • Journal Development Days are often held Four times a year, where the whole team is brought together (virtually!) to reconnect with the global community, discuss journal development, and host skills & personal development workshops for volunteers.
  • Regular skills development expert-led workshops and personal development, to enable participants to grow beyond their roles on the team.


Successful applicants will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Become a part of a global network of young creators, and activists.
  • Acquire new abilities in project management, scientific writing, collaboration, critical analysis, and leadership.
  • Get volunteer hours by using Youth STEM Matters.
  • More ways to participate, such as giving speeches at gatherings, or conducting interviews with amazing individuals transforming the world through STEM

Eligibility Requirements

If you meet the requirements below, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

  • Your goals must be devoted to Youth STEM’s goal of encouraging young people to use STEM to address global issues
  • You must be willing to learn new things and advance your abilities through Youth STEM’s training and development programs.
  • You’re aged 14-22
  • Committed to attending all facets of the Youth STEM Matters Team and am eager to be an active member of the Youth STEM team.

How to Apply

The application process involves the steps below:

  • Submission of Application: Click this link to apply
  • Assessment of submitted applications
  • Completion of Application Task or Interview
  • Application Outcomes

For more information, kindly visit the Youth STEM Team at

Roles Available

  • Team Member
  • Operational Lead
  • Executive Team

Application Deadline:

11th January, 2024.

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