Africa Is Considering Having A Single Emergency Number For Disasters

Africa is considering having a single emergency number for disasters. Africa’s telecommunications regulators are all trying to implement a single emergency number across all regions and countries of the continent.

Africa Is Considering Single Emergency Number for Disasters

Africa Is Considering Single Emergency Number for Disasters

The said number in question will be a unified emergency number to utilize in the event of a flood or other types of potentially fatal types of situations.

“Africa needs a common emergency telecommunications number so that countries can cooperate in responding to disasters such as floods,’ John Omo, the ATU Secretary General, stated.

Various African nations have their own specific emergency numbers that locals can use in urgent situations. Making a call to one of these numbers might connect the caller to the police or another emergency service desk.

A single or unified emergency number is being introduced as an international emergency contact option, which will complement existing national emergency numbers across numerous African countries. In alignment with the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) considerations, the collaboration aims to develop a system that ensures swift and effective responses to emergencies, aiming to reduce response times during crises across Africa.

The Regulators Are Urging Member States to Pick Up On This Initiative

The regulators are urging Member States to reflect on this initiative, taking into account pertinent recommendations from the International Telecommunication Union. To bolster telecommunications infrastructure, numerous African governments have embarked on enhancements through partnerships and the privatization of government-owned telecommunications entities. The continent has seen a substantial increase in mobile users, with the number exceeding 82 million, a figure that continues to rise.

The Smartphone Market in Africa

The smartphone market in Africa is on an upward trajectory, with projected revenues hitting $41.4 billion by 2024. This indicates a significant rise in mobile phone utilization across the continent. Furthermore, the market is expected to witness an annual growth rate of 6.87% (CAGR) from 2024 to 2028.

The telecommunications sector in Africa is experiencing rapid expansion, led by major operators such as MTN, Vodacom, Safaricom, Airtel Africa, Ethio Telecom, Orange Egypt, and Telkom.

Service Providers and Nations to Deploy Submarine Cable Systems

Service providers and nations are intensifying their efforts to deploy submarine cable systems, known for their high capacity and ability to transmit vast quantities of data at rapid speeds, aiming to enhance the robustness of telecommunications networks.



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