Ghana’s Mobile Money Agents to Link Accounts to Ghana Card By February 1 To Avoid Blocking

Ghana’s mobile money agents to link accounts to Ghana Card by February 1 to avoid blocking. If by the deadline given you are found defaulting, you will be blocked.

Ghana’s Mobile Money Agents to Link Accounts to Ghana Card

Ghana’s Mobile Money Agents to Link Accounts to Ghana Card

The Chamber has highlighted the importance of agents properly linking their accounts, emphasizing that this step is essential for regularizing their operations within the nation.

In their statement, the Chamber stressed that all agents affected by this requirement have been adequately informed through multiple channels. Consequently, there will be no extensions granted for this process.

For agents whose accounts may be blocked, the Chamber has established a clear procedure for restoration. Affected agents are advised to visit any operator outlets across the country, carrying their Ghana Card or Tax Identification Number (TIN), to complete the necessary account linking process. This directive aims to ensure compliance and streamline operations for all agents involved.

The Chamber’s Dedication to Ensuring All Ghanaians Access Safe and Convenient Financial Services

The Chamber has reiterated its dedication to ensuring that all Ghanaians can access safe and convenient financial services. This commitment is made while recognizing the significant role that mobile financial services play in fostering financial inclusion and driving economic growth. The Chamber’s efforts are focused on making financial services more accessible to the broader population, thereby contributing to the overall economic development and financial empowerment of individuals in Ghana.

Established in 2011 in Accra, Ghana, the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications is a non-profit organization and a private initiative by mobile network operators in the country. Its primary mission involves advocacy to influence telecommunications policy, legislation, and regulation. Additionally, the Chamber focuses on conducting research to promote the advancement of telecommunications in Ghana.

The Membership of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications

The membership of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications includes key players in the telecommunications sector. This includes prominent telecom operators such as MTN, Airtel Tigo, and Vodafone. Tower companies like American Towers and Helios Towers are also part of the Chamber.

Furthermore, infrastructure companies Comsys and CSquared, along with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Ericsson and Huawei, are among its members. The collective expertise and influence of these entities within the Chamber play a significant role in shaping the telecommunications landscape in Ghana.



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