Past Global Changes (PAGES) Early-Career Award 2024 – APPLY NOW

In 2021, PAGES launched an Early-Career Award (ECA) recognizing outstanding achievements in collaborative scholarship, including research, communication, outreach, leadership, networking, community service, and international collaboration.

Past Global Changes (PAGES) Early-Career Award 2024
Past Global Changes (PAGES) Early-Career Award 2024

PAGES strongly encourages a more comprehensive approach to research assessment (DORA). PAGES is involved in quantitative, process-oriented activities that focus on past Earth system changes in order to enhance future climate and ecosystem predictions, and support sustainability strategies.

Since it pursues extensive objectives and goals that require a broader international scientific community’s involvement, a single research team cannot achieve them all by themselves.

The PAGES ECA recognizes early-career individuals for their commendable efforts in engaging with scientific communities, as well as their contributions beyond them, such as involvement in science coordination, outreach, networking, leadership activities, development of international collaborations, and their prodigious research outcomes that support PAGES’ objectives.


  • The PAGES Award will be officially presented to the recipients during the upcoming Open Science Meeting (OSM) and will be made public.
  • Awardees will be granted a certificate along with an invitation to present their work at the OSM.
  • They will receive a conference grant of up to 2000 USD to cover their expenses for attending the OSM.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals can only receive the PAGES Early-Career Award (ECA) once in their lifetime.
  • Candidates must be either PhD students or postdocs who have completed their PhD within the past 5 years.
  • However, applicants who have exceeded the 5-year timeframe can still be considered if they can provide valid justifications for career breaks, such as parental leave, partial employment, military service, or health-related absences.
  • Members of the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) are not eligible for the award, and they cannot provide any of the necessary documents for nominees.

Nomination Process

To apply for the Award, you need to send an email to the designated email address mentioned on the official website. Make sure to meet the deadline and use the subject title “PAGES Early-Career Award nomination”. The nomination package should consist of three pages combined into a single PDF document:

  • The nomination should include a letter written by a peer (self-nominations are not allowed). The letter should not exceed one A4 page and should provide a summary of the nominee’s professional accomplishments and contributions to the (paleo) community.
  • It should also explain why the nominee deserves the PAGES Early-Career Award and include the names and contact information of two referees who can provide supporting letters.
  • The nominee should provide their CV and output, within a limit of two A4 pages. The CV should mention the candidate’s career history, including the date of receiving their PhD and the duration of full-time scientific employment if relevant:
  • Specify the career stage of the nominee along with the date of receiving their PhD and the duration of their full-time scientific employment, if applicable.
  • Highlight the significant scientific contributions, international collaborations, community service both within and outside the scientific community, outreach activities, and leadership roles in PAGES-related research endeavors.
  • Provide a concise statement regarding the research opportunities available to the nominee and their research performance, considering the guidelines provided by DORA (Declaration on Research Assessment).

Visit the official website of Past Global Changes (PAGES) Early-Career Award for more information.

Application Deadline

September 30, 2024.



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