Association of Commonwealth Universities Early Career Conference Grants 2023

If you are a lover of conferences, this will greatly benefit you because you will gain a lot from it. The Association of Commonwealth Universities Early Career Conference Grants 2023 is open for application. This conference will allow participants to share, research learns about the latest development, and build a valuable professional network.

Association of Commonwealth Universities Early Career Conference Grants 2023

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Association of Commonwealth Universities Early Career Conference Grants 2023

These grants were Instituted for members of emerging Universities and researchers to benefit from the high value dished out at this conference.

Let’s get more information about this grant below;

ACU Early Career Conference Grants 2023 | DETAILS

This grant is for academics that attend both virtual and in-person conferences. This conference will take place between the 1st of April and the 30th of September, 2022. There are up to 40 slots available for the ACU Early career conference. The grant given for this conference will cover expenses like flight costs, accommodation, data, visit costs and other costs.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this grant. You must fulfill the following criteria;

  • Firstly, you must be employed by an ACU member university with the Job title of a lecturer, post-doctoral researcher, professor, associate professor, or it’s equivalent.
  • You must have had 7 years of academic research or a teaching career
  • You must have previously traveled for work purposes including conferences outside your region of employment since your academic career started.
  • Finally, you must not be a previous recipient of the ACU early career conference Grants, formerly known as the Early Career Academic Grants.

Benefits of the Association of Commonwealth Universities Early Career Conference Grants 2023

The Grant covers the following benefits for virtual and in-person conferences.

Virtual Conferences

  • A registration fee of GBP 600
  • You will be given a data grant that costs about GBP 50 if you are one of the successful applicants who do not have reliable WIFI access.
  • You will have free access to a half-day training session on how to deliver a great, virtual presentation.

In-Person Conferences

  • The registration fee for the conference
  • Flight costs
  • Accommodation cost
  • Visa cost
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Covid-19 test for travel.

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Application Requirements 

As part of the application form, applicants are required to submit the following;

  • Details about their chosen conference. This should include a copy of your abstract.
  • You must state whether the conference will be delivered virtually or in person. If it is a hybrid conference, you must choose whether you want to attend it in person or virtually.
  • Candidates must submit their sustainable development goals which relate closely to their research and describe the ways their research can contribute to achieving these goals. This must be put together in a total of 100 to 200 words
  • You must explain the reason for your choice of conference and how it links to the interest of your research.
  • After that, you must explain how participating in the conference will benefit your career and professional development. Do this with at most 200 words.
  • Explain how you will share the knowledge you have gained by participating in the conference. You can do this with at most 200 words.
  • A letter or an email of support must be attached from your head of department
  • If you are applying for the in-person conference, you must give a breakdown of the cost for which you are applying for funding.

How to Apply

If you want to apply for this grant, you must have an account with MyACu. If you already have an account here, your application can start immediately.

The application procedure for those who do not have an account with the online platform of the association will be;

  • Go to the official website for application;
  • When you get to the home page of the website, click on the link labeled “register”
  • after you have done that, follow the processes given on the screen to create your account.
  • Now, follow the login instructions before starting your application.

If you need more clarifications on the registration process, send them an email at their official email address. You can get this detail on their website.

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Deadline for Application

The application for this grant has been open since Tuesday, 4th October 2022. The Deadline for the application for this grant is on the 28th of November 2022.

Official Website

The official website for application is

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Qualifies as An Early Career Researcher?

The arts and Humanities Research council defines Early career researchers as anyone who is within eight years of their Ph.D. award from the time of their Ph.D. Viva oral test.

How do you become an early-stage researcher?

ESRs are generally pre-doctoral researchers. To qualify for this, you must be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of your research career. The years are calculated from the date they obtained their qualification (Master’s or equivalent) allowing them to embark on a doctorate.

Who Is Eligible for ERC Grants?

These grants are given to researchers with 2 to 7 years of experience since the completion of their Ph.D. These people will need an academic track record that shows great promise and an excellent research proposal.

Who Is Behind the Commonwealth Fund?

The Commonwealth fund was established in the year 1918 having a broad charge to enhance the common good. The founder of this organization is Anna M. Harkness. She is among the first women to start a private foundation in the world.

How Is Commonwealth Funded?

The fund used by the Commonwealth is financed by the accessed contributions from other member governments. The contributions are according to the capacities of the members to pay.

Conclusively, if you want to expand your academic horizon, this is the right conference for you. And the grant was instituted for you to participate easily.

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