Celebrating Africa’s Finest GTCO: Join one of the Biggest Fashion Events in Africa

Celebrating Africa’s Finest Fashion at GTCO Fashion Weekend 2022. The Guaranty Trust Fashion Weekend is one of the biggest fashion events in Africa and the 2022 edition is around the corner. Celebrating Africa's Finest GTCO

All fashion and style enthusiasts look forward to the event as it will give them the opportunity to showcase their fashion brand and connect with other experts. If you are interested in African fashion, you should mark this event date to your calendar.

Celebrating Africa’s Finest GTCO

The GTCO Fashion weekend is going to house a lot of Fashion experts and industry experts. As earlier stated, it is one of the main events in Africa’s fashion world.  It is hosted by Guaranty Trust Bank and the main aim of the event is to showcase Africa’s finest fashion and improve the industry.

GTBank Fashion Week 2022 Date

The 2022 edition of the GTBank (GTCO) fashion weekend is slated to hold on the 12th and 13th of November. This two-day event will take place at GTCentre, Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Lagos. The event will also feature activities such as runway shows, masterclasses, shopping, and lots more.

Promoting Your Enterprise with GTCO Fashion Weekend

For small and medium-sized business owners in the fashion industry, this event is an opportunity to promote the visibility of their brand. The Guarantee Trust Weekend is a free business platform where brands can show their work in the latest global fashion trends. If you want to boost the visibility of your products, you can apply for free retail space at the event venue.

GTB Fashion Fair

The GTB Fashion fair will bring together fashion icons, engaging styles personalities and industry experts to interact with young individuals that are interested in fashion. This event combines elements of Global fashion trends, African streetwear styles and the human creative enterprise. The fashion event will bring the most delightful experience.

GTB Fashion Weekend Masterclass

One of the activities that will take place during the event is the masterclass. This masterclass gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from international industry leaders and experienced fashion brands.

The teaching during the masterclass will cover topics that address the challenges in the industry. The class will also cover topics including Entrepreneurship, Retailing, Growth and Profitability, and lots more. With this, you should know that the event is going to be an educative one.

GTCO Fashion Weekend Registration  

Registration for the GTCO Fashion weekend is free. This event is also open to everyone that is passionate about fashion. It is also an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to become visible and grow their audience online. This fashion weekend will feature runway shows and exclusive shopping.

A subsidiary of the financial institution Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc is Guarantee Trust Bank. This business offers banking and non-banking services to more than 10 nations in West Africa, East Africa, and the UK.

This business is renowned for creating plans to increase the capacity of small businesses. It runs an African franchise and is well known for providing exceptional customer service and engaging stakeholders.



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