Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus All-In-One Gets Brought Back To Life

Microsoft surface studio 2 plus all-in-one gets brought back to life and many users are happy about this development.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus All-In-One Gets Brought Back To Life

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus All-In-One Gets Brought Back To Life

Many people really thought that tech giant Microsoft had given up on the idea of full-size surface studio all-in-ones, well the company had other things in mind in that regard. The Surface Studio 2 was released back in the fall of 2018 and ever since then nothing much has been heard about it.

However, after four good years, the company surprised many with a refresh during its Surface event on Wednesday. The update is unsurprisingly minimal as the company seemed to do the least that it needed to in order to make it ready in 2022. The product has not really changed that much.

The surface studio 2 plus will be shipping out on October 25 for an eye-catching price of $4,500.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus Upgrades

The upgrades in the device amount to a Core i7-11370H which is low-power gaming targeted mobile process back from 2021 – the mobile version of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 which is a better-than basic discrete graphics processor, cut down two USB-A ports and the SD card reader in favor of three USB-C/thunderbolt 4 ports, updated the wireless to Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 and that’s all about it for now.

Microsoft says that it has also upped the camera and mics but is however mostly the processing improvements made in windows 11. So very little has changed in regards to this device that it hardly got a mention during Wednesday’s event and announcements.

The 28-inch, pressure sensitive 3:2 aspect ratio display with a resolution between 4K and 5K, with the smart hinge design still gets mentioned up there with new models even after all these many years although it would hardly be called ‘strikingly large. And also in another marketing-speak coup and referring to the CPU as ‘up to 50% faster’ than the earlier model is laughable given the fact that the former CPU was of seventh-generation. And even though the display on this one is really bright with great color accuracy, there is still no HDR.

User Complaints about the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus

Microsoft has many commercial customers who are fans of the system but also have justifiably complained about just how creaky the internals have gotten ever since. Also, they might also have custom applications that they are dependent on for the Microsoft dial input device, one that is generally unloved by many which the company has not made an upgrade on since it was launched back in 2016.

Additionally, the Surface Studio is a pro system line. This means that they do not get updated or replaced as frequently as you do with consumer models.  This is also another reason why you shouldn’t skimp on the power up front although in this very case, it may have required some type of redesign to accommodate high-power components. And also, there is the issue of the price being really high.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus Lacks Major Competitors

There are also not so many competitors out there. The HP Envy 34 is one of the few big-screen all-in-ones left and it does not even sport a stylus-friendly screen or hinge. And again, all-in-ones tend to favor form over function and this means that they usually and at most times have disappointing GPU specs in order to minimize heat.


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