Windows 11 22H2 Bug Cuts Down Windows Hello Security Feature

Windows 11 22H2 bug cuts down Windows Hello security feature – with that being said, the 22H2 feature is now being blocked from PCs and computer systems that make use of Windows Hello logins.

Windows 11 22H2 Bug Cuts Down Windows Hello Security Feature

Windows 11 22H2 Bug Cuts Down Windows Hello Security Feature

The first big update of windows 11, the 22H2 has just recently run into more trouble and this time around it is related to windows hello logins.

As reported by Bleeping Computer, Microsoft has now confirmed that the windows 11 22H2 update is being blocked or stopped from some PCs due to issues related to compatibility with the security feature, namely that Windows Hello is being broken down by the upgrade. The gremlin apparently in the works does not just affect biometrics alone such as the webcam making use of facial recognition but also PIN entry.

Microsoft in a Dashboard Status Update Explains the Problem with the Big Update

Microsoft in a dashboard status update explains: “Signing in using Windows Hello might not work as expected after upgrading to Windows 11, version 22H2 on devices using Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security.”

The tech company Microsoft further went on to clarify that there should be no problems encountered on PCs that installed 22H2 and then subsequently enable Windows Hello.

Why You Shouldn’t Force the Update

There is a compatibility hold on PCs as noted already that would be affected. But the good news however here is that this will soon be fixed as the bug has already been fixed in patch KB5017389.

A preview update has already been shared since October that saw its full release for October and now as it is rolling out, Microsoft observes: “The safeguard hold is estimated to be removed in mid-October 2022.”

That being said, it should be happening any day now, and blocked windows 11 PCs will now be able to get the 22H2 update. However, in the meantime, Microsoft recommends that you should wait and you should not try to manually force an update before the compatibility hold has been completely removed.


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