New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Reveals another Gym Leader

The New Pokémon scarlet and violet trailer reveals another gym leader from the Paldea region.

New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Reveals another Gym Leader

New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Reveals another Gym Leader

Ahead of their stipulated launch for next month, yet another trailer has been released for the Pokémon scarlet and violet game.

This very trailer that was recently launched is hosted by lono which is the electric-type gym leader of Levincia. Ad in addition to being the gym leader, Lono also is a streamer and n influencer. In this very video trailer, she offers hints in regards to her mystery partner Pokémon which will be revealed at a launch later date.

Lono Is the Third Gym Leader from the Paldea Region

The introduction of lono will mark the third gym leader that we have so far seen from the Paldea region which is the setting for Pokémon scarlet and violet. Previously released trailers have all introduced fans to the ice-type gym leader Grusha and the grass-type gym leader Brassius.

Pokémon steadily has been sharing new details about scarlet and violet in the lead-up to their stipulated launch date. The company on October 6 released a 14-minute trailer for scarlet and violet and in the process revealing a deep dive into the various adventures that four trainers embark on. And in addition to revealing new features such as picnicking and the TM machine, the trailer revealed and gave users an insight into a newly evolved form of Girafarig called Farigiraf.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Will Launch On Nintendo Switch on November 18

Pokémon scarlet and violet is set to launch for the Nintendo switch on November 18. You should however know that people who are able to get any one of the titles before February 28, 2023, will be able to get a special bonus Pikachu in their game.

Nintendo ahead of the launch of the game will be releasing a Pokémon scarlet and violet-themed Nintendo Switch OLED on November 4.  The Switch game Splatoon 3 also is hosting a Pokémon-themed Splatfest event set to take place on November 11.


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