Motorola’s Flip-Style Razr Plus Is Currently on Sale for Half the Original Price

Motorola’s flip-style Razr Plus is currently on sale for half the original price. With this new development, know that you can also purchase the latest Echo Show 8 and Persona 5 Tactica from Amazon at an all-time low price.

Motorola’s Flip-Style Razr Plus Is On Sale

Motorola’s Flip-Style Razr Plus Is On Sale

Motorola’s Razr Plus, a nod to the company’s history, offers a unique twist with its foldable design. Unlike its foldable counterparts like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, Pixel Fold, and OnePlus Open, the Razr Plus blends nostalgia with modernity. The departure of the traditional number pad makes way for a 6.9-inch OLED display that unfolds when the phone is opened. For those seeking a touch of the past, a software-based dialer resembling the classic design is still available.

Why You Should Not Miss Out On This Deal

Now, there’s a noteworthy opportunity to acquire the newest Razr Plus in black at a substantial 45 percent discount on Woot. Priced at just $549.99, this deal presents a $450 savings compared to the base model’s $699.99. Remarkably, it’s approximately $150 cheaper than prices observed at other retailers during last year’s holiday sales. Act quickly, as this offer is valid for the next couple of days or until supplies last.

Specs and Features

Released in 2023, the Motorola Razr Plus is beginning to lag in processing power with its Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 and 8GB of RAM. Despite this, it remains ample for running Android 13, especially if you’re not a power user.

The 3.6-inch cover display, larger and more functional in this premium version, sets it apart from other phones in the lineup. The Verge’s Allison Johnson, while noting it falls slightly behind the Z Flip 5, found joy in using it. Initially priced at $999.99, she was hesitant, but at the current more approachable price, the phone’s shortcomings become more forgivable.



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