You Can Now Buy a Peach Fuzz Motorola Razr Plus for Only $700

You can now buy a Peach Fuzz Motorola Razr Plus for only $700. The tech company Motorola in December unveiled the new hue as part of its ongoing partnership with Pantone.

Peach Fuzz Motorola Razr Plus

Peach Fuzz Motorola Razr Plus

Motorola dropped its Razr Plus flip phone in the early parts of this year, which as you should know boasts one of the biggest cover screens on any flip phone. And right at this moment, the company behind the nostalgic lineup has reportedly introduced a new color variant for its Razr Plus model, dubbed “Peach Fuzz.” The special-edition color in question was introduced as part of the partnership of the firm with color institute Pantone, which dubbed it Color of the Year for 2024.

Motorola in question describes Peach Fuzz as a “velvety, gentle peach hue that embodies feelings of togetherness, community, and collaboration.” Make of it whatever it is you will, but it however marks the fourth color choice for Razr Plus, thus joining existing options of black, blue, and magenta.

How to Get the Motorola Razr Plus in the New Peach Fuzz Hue

You can already get your hands on a Motorola Razr Plus in the new Peach Fuzz hue on the website of the company. The color option is available for a limited time at $699, which as you should know is a $300 discount, the company reveals.

The Razr Plus for those that don’t know is a major product for Motorola, which in question raised the bar for flip phones in the year 2023. Its most salient feature as you should know is a 3.6-inch cover display that can reportedly run most apps, proving that the cover screen could be a very useful and important part of screen real estate in contrast to years past, when its main function was just for glancing at notifications.

Specs and Features of the Peach Hue

Although it is that the peach hue is new, the phone in question comes with the very same type of specs. It has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, a 3,800-mAH battery with wireless charging, an IP52 rating for water and dust resistance, as well as most notably that big 3.6-inch cover screen that is capable of running many of your apps. If it is that you need more specs, do well to take a look at our specs comparison where the Razr Plus was matched against various competing flip phones, as well as our in-depth Razr Plus review.



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