With Just $110 Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Your Car Today

With just $110 add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your car today. If it is that your car does not have a touchscreen for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you have nothing to worry about as this deal in question adds one to your car for only $110.

Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Your Car

Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Your Car

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are excellent mediums to listen to music, podcasts, and many more while driving. You can safely do it and hands-free, but only if it is that your car has the required hardware. You are however going to need a big touchscreen, but don’t worry if it is that your car doesn’t have one as Stack Social has the answer.

Today Stack Social will reportedly sell you a 10-inch touchscreen with CarPlay as well as Android Audio support for only $110, a price tag that is a full 45% off the normal asking price. But be fast, as this deal is going to expire very soon which simply means that you run the risk of missing out if it is that you don’t pick up your bargain in-car entertainment solution quickly.

What You Get With This Deal

This deal in question gives you a large 10-inch display that has support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with full support for the entire media playback, mapping software, and many more that these systems in question have become so famous for.

The whole thing as you should know works wirelessly as well, so there really is no need to connect any form of cables to your phone in a bid to get the system up and running. The display in question supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the box is inclusive of all of the mounting accessories that are needed to get up and running.

Other Notable Features of This Deal

Other notable features are inclusive of support for multimedia playback including audio and video file formats through the 64GB of built-in storage. The whole thing as you should know is powered by Android 12, as well as a 12-month warranty is also included for good measure. Searching for a different CarPlay setup? There are many CarPlay head unit options currently out there too.



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