Google Messages to Allow Users to Edit Texts after Sending Them

Google Messages to allow users to edit texts after sending them. Flags that were recently seen in code from a beta version of the app simply refer to an “edit-ui” and “edit_history.” Just recently, messenger and WhatsApp got their very own editing features.

Google Messages to Allow Users Edit Texts

Google Messages to Allow Users Edit Texts

Google could just be developing a new feature for its Messages app that would allow users to edit a message after they have sent it, as per a code spotted by TheSpAndroid. References to the feature initially appeared in a beta version of the app back on November 19th, and there are also four flags that appear to show reference to it, though attempting to enable them reportedly does not do anything.

Other Tech Firms to Follow Similar Moves

The evidence of the in-development feature has reportedly cropped up as support for editing messages is now becoming increasingly common in many other messaging apps. Apple just recently added the option for iMessage users to edit sent messages with iOS 16 in the previous year, and WhatsApp also released a very much similar feature in the earlier parts of 2023.

And in both cases, you have a limited amount of time to edit messages that have been sent which is two minutes for iMessage and 15 for WhatsApp on the other hand. Both of these services in question also allow you to delete messages after they are sent, but that in question does not appear to be the case for the version of Google.

What Google Has To Say about the New Development

A representative from Google on request for comment by The Verge did not immediately respond to, and it is still very much unclear as to how the company’s very own implementation of the feature could eventually work.

We really don’t know as to whether there will be a time limit for editing messages, for instance, or whether a recipient in question will be able to see an edit history. But one code snippet that was spotted by TheSpAndroid reportedly suggests that the said feature will work alongside the RCS messaging protocol: “original_rcs_messages_id.”



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