Two Motorola Razr Foldables Could Reportedly Be Unveiled This Year

Two Motorola Razr foldables could reportedly be unveiled this year, as well as a Lite model. All of this is coming as new unofficial renders of the reported devices emerge online.

Motorola Razr Foldables

Motorola Razr Foldables

The Motorola Razr 2023 will be the fourth iteration/incarnation of the flip foldable, but it however seems that Motorola has been very busy in preparing an extra surprise too which is an additional model that is apparently set to launch at the same time.

The unofficial renders of one of these foldables are at the moment on show at MySmartPrice, although the site does state that right now it is only a possibility that there will be two of these handsets in question. And with that being said, it is right that you adjust your expectations accordingly.

And according to MySmartPrice and @OnLeaks which is a very famous and well know tipster and leaker, the standard Motorola Razr 2023 would be the Razr Lite, while the additional handset on the other hand would actually be the more premium and more expensive Razr Plus.

The Revealed Renders Are For the Razr Lite       

The revealed renders are for the Razr Lite. The renders show off a dual-lens rear camera that is next to a rather very small cover display, and relatively thin bezels around the sides of the screen. There is however a single selfie camera cut-out right on the main display.

The renders apparently are based on “low-quality, real-life pictures of a testing stage prototype” meaning that they are by no means guaranteed to be genuine although these are sources with really good track records for leaks as well as advanced information.

The Rumored Upgrades

These renders in question suggest that the serious upgrades that have been rumored which consist of a large cover display, two-tone color designs, and other overall improvements – are actually going for the Plus model. A launch is however expected around August time.



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