Joseph Staten Leaves Microsoft for Netflix

Joseph Staten leaves Microsoft for Netflix. The developer who helped to get Halo Infinite over the finish line is now set to join Netflix after leaving Microsoft in the early parts of this month, he recently announced that he is joining Netflix as a creative director to help build a reported brand-new AAA game.

Joseph Staten Leaves Microsoft

Joseph Staten Leaves Microsoft

Joseph Staten, the former head of creative at Halo Infinite who just recently announced that he was leaving Microsoft, will now be the creative director for a new AAA game from Netflix, Staten on Monday made the announcement.

Staten Made Announced His Departure via Twitter

“In my work life, there’s nothing I love more than collaborating with others to build worlds filled with iconic characters, deep mysteries, and endless adventures,” Staten on Monday in a short Twitter thread wrote. He however did not share many specific details in regards to the new game, but he, however, says that it will be a “brand-new AAA multiplatform game and original IP.”

Staten Is A Bungie Veteran Who Worked On the First Three Halo Games

Staten just 10 days ago confirmed his imminent departure from Microsoft. Staten is a Bungie veteran who has worked on the first three Halo games. He was added to 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite team shortly after the game was delayed from 2020 to 2021 by Microsoft. Staten had moved to the publishing division of Xbox shortly before he left the company altogether.

Netflix Is Invested Heavily In Growing Its Own Games Offerings

Netflix declined to comment on the development. The company has invested heavily in growing its own games offerings, and it has a lot of games currently in development, which is a growing lineup of studios, and big ambitions as you should know for a cloud gaming service, even after the reported failure of Stadia by Google.



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