The Erase Indifference Challenge 2024 (Up to €30,000 Grants) | APPLY NOW

The Erase Indifference Challenge Originated from the Auschwitz Pledge Foundation, it was established as a platform to identify and support contemporary, creative, and impactful initiatives aimed at combatting indifference and promoting empathy and the appreciation of diversity.

 Erase Indifference Challenge 2024
Erase Indifference Challenge 2024

The challenge encourages submissions that leverage technology, social interaction, collaborative methods, gamification, pop culture strategies, data and research, social experiments, and educational resources. Special emphasis is placed on ideas that resonate with younger audiences and address one of our designated categories.

  • Racism
  • Anti-semitism
  • Anti-immigration & xenophobia
  • LGBTQIA+ discrimination
  • Misogyny


  • The competition provides grants of up to €30,000 to each of the three winning projects that demonstrate significant potential to make a real-world impact and address at least one of the indifference issues mentioned earlier.
  • The winners will receive personalized, practical, and official support tailored to their project and its requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The competition is open to NGOs, startups, companies, public institutions, religious associations, or informal groups (with the backing of an overseeing organization to handle the formal aspects of project implementation) from any part of the world.
  • Your proposal should incorporate ICT and ensure that your concept is concrete, adaptable, scalable, and measurable.
  • Submissions must be in English.

Applications will not be accepted if you:

  • receive funding from or have any connection to political entities
  • are carrying out (or have carried out in the past) activities or projects that conflict with the mission of the Auschwitz Pledge Foundation.

How To Apply For Erase Indifference Challenge 2024

To access the application form for this challenge please click on the apply button.

Find out more about the challenge by visiting the Erase Indifference Challenge’s official website or  FAQ.

Application Deadline

February 11, 2024.



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