How to Reset Your iPad and Erase All Content

In this content, I would be explaining how to reset your iPad and erase all content, and more. the steps here would work for iPad running on iOS 9 or higher, and it would be offering more tips on how to entirely wipe the device clean.

How to Reset Your iPad and Erase All Content

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How to Reset the iPad to Factory Default

Right after you carried out a backup, you would be ready to erase all the content on your iPad and reset it back to the factory default via the following steps:

  • On the “settings”, tap on General on the left-side menu
  • Then scroll to the end of the general settings and tap on reset.
  • Tap reset in other to reset all content and settings to erase your iPad
  • You would be required to confirm your selection twice. Because this option would allow you to set your iPad back to the Factory default, Apple would like to double-check your choice. If there is a passcode lock on your iPad, you would have to enter it in other to continue
  • With this, your iPad would erase and restart, ready for someone to set it up once again

How to Erase All Content on the iPad

By erasing all the settings and data from your iPad is another method to keep your personal details safe. Also, it is a troubleshooting tool that can solve problems by deleting offending apps or settings. Before carrying out a full wipe of the iPad, try clearing the settings and resetting the network settings. You can do both of these processes on the same screen you make use to reset the iPad.

The process that has to do with resetting should include you turning off the Find my iPad feature.

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Other Ways to Reset the iPad

In the reset menu, you would find several options on how to clear your iPad entirely. If you would be giving your iPad to a family member who is would be making use of the same Apple ID, you might select the very first option: reset All settings. This option leaves the data on the tablet but resets the preferences. Also, you can choose to try this if you are having issues with the iPad and you are not quite ready to go through with a full wipe.

If you would be performing a reset on the device because you are having issues connecting to your Wi-Fi or having other issues with your internet connectivity, first try Reset Network settings. This option will clear out any data stored on your specific network and could help clear up the issue without the need to carry out a full restore.

Choosing to erase all content and settings happens to be one of the best moves to make in most situations. This would ensure that all the information would be removed, which includes information for your iTunes account if you are selling the iPad on Craigslist, eBay or you are selling to a friend or family member that would be making use of a different iTunes account erase all content and settings.

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How do I Reset an iPad Without a Password?

In other, for you to reset an iPad without a Password, you would need to sync your iPad to a computer to put it in recovery mode and access the Restore capability. Alternatively, head over to and find the iPad that is under your devices. Then select Erase iPad, and follow the onscreen directions.

How Do I Reset an iPad Mini?

In other to reset an iPad Mini, first head to settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPad. The select Erase all content and settings. You would see an explanation box; tap continues. Then enter the iPad Mini’s passcode; wait for a backup to complete, or you can tap skip the backup. On the final confirmation page, tap on Erase iPad.

How Do I Reset a disabled iPad?

If fixing a disabled iPad for you is not possible, and the best way for you to handle it is to rest the iPad, then the easiest way to follow is via iCloud. First head to, then log in and locate the iPad on your list of devices. Select Erase iPad, and follow the prompts to factory reset the iPad. All the iPad content you have on the iPad would be lost, and you would be able to access the iPad.

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