Best Paying Jobs for Teens – How to Find High Paying Jobs for Teens Near Me

Getting one of the best Paying Jobs for Teens can help you earn money and attain financial responsibility as a teenager. There are many job opportunities available for teenagers but it’s better when you secure one that pays well. Best Paying Jobs for Teens

As a teenager, you may be looking for ways to earn money and still study. Fortunately, many employers are ready to offer part-time jobs to teens. In this article, you will discover some of the best-paying jobs for teens and lots more.

Best Paying Jobs for Teens

As a teen, it’s important you learn how to make and manage your money. While you search for a high-paying job for teens, it’s very important to look out for one that is flexible. This will give you time for school activities.

Working as a teenager also helps you develop the skills you need for college and your future generally. It also helps you gain work experience and help you build a good resume. Below are some Jobs for Teenagers.


The job of a Barista is one of the easiest Teenager Jobs you can get. A barista works in a coffee shop and is required to make coffee and other related beverages for customers. As a barista, you need to follow the specific recipe to make the desired beverage.

Apart from making coffee and other related beverages, you may also be required to welcome customers, answer their questions, take inventory, etc., This depends on your employer. There is no minimum age required for the job of a Bartender. Hence, you can apply for the job as a teenager.

Sales Representative

One of the Jobs for teens you can apply for is the Job of a sales representative. The main duties of this personnel are to generate leads and sell products for a brand or company. As a sales representative, you will also need to negotiate contracts with prospective clients, determine pricing schedules for promotions, and lots more. If you have good sales closing skills, this could be a good job idea for you.


If you love teaching, you can apply for a tutoring job. You can teach your classmates or younger students. This will not only help you earn but it will also help you improve your teaching skills. You can reach out to parents as they may have kids that need extra help. When deciding on your pay, it’s important you research what other tutoring centers around your environment charge.


Another teenage job you can apply for is the job of a Babysitter. The Role of a babysitter is to watch after children and care for them while their parents are not around. As a babysitter, you are required to feed, and transport kids. You may also be required to perform other light housekeeping tasks.

The amount you earn as a babysitter depends on various factors such as the number of kids you are taking care of, their ages, and the location of the job. This job can help you earn extra money after school or during the summer.

Dog Walker

If you enjoy keeping pets, you should apply for the job of a Dog walker. This job demands that you walk and take care of them. You are also required to feed and bathe them. This job is an easy one especially if you love animals and it majorly requires exercising dogs and helping them socialize with other animals.

Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a good idea for you if you want to make money online. This is a flexible job and you get paid per the survey you complete. The pay also depends on the company offering the survey and you can sign up with as many survey companies as you want.

Car Washing

Getting a Car washing job as a teenager gives you time for your school and extracurricular activities. You can do this job after school. As a car wash attendant, you will be required to wash, shine and buff cars. You may also be required to vacuum the interiors of cars and polish them.

Mowing Lawns

If you live in the suburbs or rural areas, you can apply for lawn mowing jobs to earn money. You can easily get this job by looking for houses in the neighborhood that needs your services. If the homeowner allows you to use their mower, it’s a plus for you. When charging for your services, consider the size of the lawn, your location, and what others in your surroundings charge.

Hotel Housekeeping

If you love cleaning, you can apply for a Hotel housekeeping job. The responsibilities of a housekeeper are to do the laundry, vacuum, clean bathrooms, change bed sheets and other interiors, and lots more. This is a well-paying job and you can also get tips from customers. Apart from Hotels, you can also work as a housekeeper in hospitals, nursing care homes, retirement homes etc.

How to Find High Paying Jobs for Teens Near Me

Now that you know some of the best-paying jobs for teenagers, you may be wondering where you can find them and apply for one. You can reach out to friends and neighbors and tell them of your intentions to work. Also, visit nearby stores and ask if there are any vacant job positions you can apply for.

Alternatively, you can search for teenage jobs online. This is one of the fastest and easiest methods. There are so many websites that contain a database of jobs. Some of these websites include Indeed, Sang, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.

You can also make use of Google for your Job hunts. Search for jobs online with keywords like “Job for teens”, “Highest paying jobs for teens”, “best paying jobs for teens”, “Summer Jobs for teens” etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jobs Pay the Most for 16 Years Old?

There are so many well-paying jobs available for 16-year-olds and teenagers generally. Some of these jobs include Babysitting, Golf caddy, tutoring, pet keeping, dog walking, gardening, etc. You can apply for a job position in any of the fields that interests you.

How Can I Make Money as a Teenager?

As a teenager, there are various opportunities for you to make money. You earn money by getting one of the best-paying jobs for teenagers. Also, you can choose to earn money online by carrying out surveys and working as a freelancer.

What is the Best Job to Start with as a Teenager?

If you are looking forward to getting your first job, you can start by applying for informal jobs. Babysitting is one of the highest paying and lucrative jobs for teens. Other Jobs include cleaning, dog walking, car washing, freelancing, tutoring, and lots more.



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