Collaboration is Crucial for Speeding Up Africa’s Digital Progress

Dr. Juliet Ehimuan founded Beyond Limits Africa and served as the director of Google West Africa. With over 25 years of experience in the tech industry, she was Google Nigeria’s Country Director for 12 years before extending her role to cover West Africa. Beyond Limits Africa, her latest initiative, organized the first forum aimed at hastening growth in the African tech sector through the digital transformation of businesses and empowering the next generation of African entrepreneurs. In a conversation with ADEYEMI ADEPETUN, she emphasized the significance of collaboration in enhancing regional digital growth.

Collaboration is Crucial for Speeding Up Africa's Digital Progress
Collaboration is Crucial for Speeding Up Africa’s Digital Progress

Collaboration is Crucial for Speeding Up Africa’s Digital Progress

Can you explain what motivated the creation of your new event, the DICE Mixer? DICE, standing for Digital Innovation and Creative Excellence, represents a strategic initiative by Beyond Limits with the goal of driving technological advancement in Africa. It serves as a platform where technology leaders, innovators, startups, creatives, and the broader business community from Nigeria and across Africa come together to explore the frontiers of digital transformation and collaborative innovation. The mission is to actively contribute to the African tech, business, and creative ecosystems by cultivating a community focused on knowledge, sharing experiences, and collaboration.

Fostering Connectivity: Unleashing Africa’s Tech Potential Through Collaborative Networks

Great work is occurring within the tech space, but it’s often confined to small circles. It happens organically, gradually, and slowly. To meet the current ambition, we need to transform our scattered ecosystems into connected networks with a shared commitment—to unleash and realize the potential of technology in Africa.

The ecosystem is extensive, and like any market, our digital markets depend on efforts from a wide range of stakeholders. As we increasingly embrace the digital economy, it becomes crucial for all of us in the ecosystem to come together more frequently and with greater intentionality. The DICE initiative originated from the necessity for a dedicated gathering point where Africa’s business leaders, tech visionaries, entrepreneurs, and creative talents could convene to share ideas, explore new concepts, and form meaningful partnerships. We acknowledged the significance of establishing a platform that promotes conversation and facilitates technological and business progress across the continent.

The first DICE mixer revealed the vibrant potential and energy of Africa’s tech landscape. We hosted a diverse gathering of participants, including emerging startup founders and well-known industry veterans. Stakeholders attended not only from the tech ecosystem but also from the creative space, government, and the broader business community.

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